Wednesday, May 07, 2008


On Hangovers

It doesn't take much for me to acquire a hangover because I'm a very light drinker (if I drink at all), and so when I have ONLY one tequila shooter and one margarita as I did on the night of Cinco de May, I paid for it dearly yesterday!

The drinking of the night before made me drag around the whole day, and then last night I had a strange, long, and complicated dream which could be summed up something like this:

What we call life is really death, but we don't think it is because since we were babies, we were told (programmed) by our parents and the world that we are LIVING. And when people pass out of our world, we are told they died. Instead they were born into the world of the living--a much more expansive, unlimited world.

In the dream I was able to visit both worlds, and I could even take a child to the other world.

So I awoke contemplating this provocative concept which is probably a 'religion' somewhere on this planet of religions.

What if it were true? Would I live my life differently in this dreamworld known as "life"? Would you? Even contemplating this concept is probably considered 'heresy' somewhere. Oh well.

I'll just blame it on the tequila.

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Wow, pretty profound dream you had there. Let's hope it's true!

Personally I've always thought reincarnation was a good philosophy - which would be a similar idea - one's real life is "out there" somewhere and in between lives on earth we contemplate what was learned in the physical world and choose our next life to learn more.
Erin--if you're thinking of re-locating on Maui, bring LOTS of money for you will need it here! Living on Maui is COSTLY! Also bring a good heart!
Hey! GREAT to see you back.

I'm Stumbling around today...after stumbling through a three day Cinco de Mayo celebration with The Master Baiter.


Stopped by to give you a big THUMBS UP.

Oh, my, Tequila really can do things with you can't it? *giggles*

I'm almost the same, get a bad hangover very easily (it really isn't fair!) so I have to watch up....

I'm slowly back to blogging again, after our long Spain-trip and my Mom passing away, but I doubt I'll be back to every day posting as before :-)

I'm really living my life as I want it those days, but it took me many years to really get here, unfortunately. I regret spending (wasting) so many years of mine earlier on things I didn't want for myself!
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