Friday, May 30, 2008


Lost and Found

Last night as my honey and I were watching the season finale of Lost, there was a scene that really struck me, and I had one of those famous 'aha' moments that Oprah's always talking about. I love those 'aha' moments, don't you?

Here was the scene: six passengers were aboard a helicopter on the way to the rescue boat, but a hole in the fuel tank caused by a bullet from a previous gun fight caused the copter to loose fuel, and thus the pilot told everyone to throw all heavy objects into the ocean so they would have enough fuel to make it to the boat. However, even after tossing lots of stuff, the pilot said the coptor was still about two hundred pounds overweight, and they had another five minutes to reach the boat. The fuel tank was leaking fast. What to do?

This is when Sawyer (the bad ass rascal of the group) suddenly puts one last big smacker on Kate, whispers something in her ear, and jumps from the copter to the ocean--his heroic act to save the group. He begins swimming back to the island from which the group had finally escaped.

This was Sawyer's redemption for he had always been self-serving.

My 'aha' moment in regards to this scene:

I've been LETTING-GO of STUFF--physical items--for many long months. As I've moved deeper into this process, I've noticed that not only is our home becoming more spacious and expansive, so am I. Beliefs, habits, thoughts, emotions, and attachments are no longer relevant. I'm not my body, my mind, my emotions, my nationality, my skin color, my religion, my stuff--I'm a limitless me. In keeping myself so busy taking care of business and 'doing' life and managing stuff, I forgot to experience life as the divine spark I truly am.

In tying up the loose ends and taking care of unfinished business, I've made room for the awareness of the infinite God Force within.

Once this awareness is re-ignited, jumping is easy.

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I know what you mean - having less "stuff" makes you feel so light and free. I have to say I haven't managed to do that in my current home but in that second place we get, there will be no extra "stuff" allowed!
I recognize the feeling - I did that myself last year!!!! It's like throwing away rocks from your backpack :-)

We still have a few things to get rid off, but it's not weighing us down like all the other stuff.

This also makes us more ready to move - IF we suddenly would find a favorite spot somewhere else in the world. It's never a bad thing to be prepared....

Have a wonderful weekend. We're planning to have one. The weather is gorgeous over here, real summer weather, much hotter than it use to be this time of the year, so better enjoy it while it's here!

(You'll never know in this country, suddenly it can turn to be cold and rainy!)
Yes, a good point, lighten the load lighten your belt buckle!
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