Friday, May 16, 2008


Letting Go And Vog

You see the photo above of this tall, ugly big brown thing? This is my giant file cabinet in our office, and it has been my project over the last week to weed and the main reason why I haven't been blogging much. To tell you that going through this stuffed file cabinet was daunting, challenging, difficult, scarifying, and time-consuming would be phrasing it mildly.

There was way too much paperwork in this file cabinet which is now totally irrelevant and well past-it's expiration date! Forcing myself to go through it has been an agonizing trip down memory lane!

Who was I?

Industrious, idealistic, curious, dreamy, and hungry for knowledge. It seems like another person printed all these pages out, wrote these things, dreamed this and that. I've changed!!

Inside this file cabinet was another me, another time, another world.

And the 'important papers' with pages which I underlined with exclamation marks and made notes and diligently filed in categories are so NOT ME.

Today is an extremely voggy day on Maui--one of the very worst I've seen. The sky is gray, and there are no trade winds--a day that's perfect to reflect on the past and let go.

And indeed I have because I filled so many garbage bags full of the old today that our huge trashcan which gets picked up twice a week is nearly full once again!

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You go girl...I know you feel much lighter now.I hope it is not true that the Universe willl fill the gap with new paperwork.hugs and purrs,Basha
I've got a contest going on over at my place. The prize is 10 (crummy) CDs, guaranteed to blow the vog out to sea when you play them. They will also make your neighbors hate you, but... why not come over and take a shot? :-)

By the way, my "word verification" actually says something! "Try Wait"
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