Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Reflections On Ireland and St. Patrick's Day

Both my Significant Other and I grew up with fathers who were alcoholics, and we've witnessed the worst of this disease in our respective childhoods and know full well how devastating this disease can be to children and families.

Thus, neither of us are heavy social drinkers. My partner has an Irish last name, and I too carry some Irish blood. And here it was coming around again: St. Patrick's Day--the day for all Irish people everywhere to celebrate! Whatcha gonna do?

So out dining with friends, he had two beers. Usually one is his max if we're celebrating something! And I had two glasses of wine! The following day we both went ugh and knew we didn't want to drink two of anything alchololic again anytime soon! We're obviously not your normal hard-partying Irish people. Our bodies feel better when they're alcohol free.

Many years ago we traveled to Ireland, and we drove all over. Actually I drove because the roads scared him. They scared me too, but I was the least scared. With only one middle lane to pass on the narrow roads and with crazy drivers probably just leaving a pub with more than one beer in them, I had to totally focus on the road.

On one particularly unnerving, twisting road round in West Ireland, I came around a corner and a huge tourist bus was coming right at us. I scooted our rental car over as far as I could to escape this monster bus, but the rocks alongside the road kept me in place. I could see our car was going to be hit, and there was nothing to do about it. So I turned the key off and prayed and waited.....and by some miracle, the bus missed us!

Yes, there is magic in Ireland. After this incident, I was a true believer.

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