Monday, March 10, 2008


Missing Time

Where does the time go is the age-old question-- and one which I'm still asking!

Because I've got a push on to once again wear my size 6 clothes, I've changed my blogging habits, and instead of getting sucked into the computer first thing in the morning and remaining there, I've begun a new morning habit: the treadmill.

After checking out emails and comments and before responding to others, I head directly to the treadmill! If I get my body moving first thing in the morning, I've discovered I have more energy for the day. Trouble is with this new exercise program: I begin moving and doing so many other things that I very often don't make it back to the computer until late....and by then, I'm tired. Dog tired!

The photo above was originally going to be used for a photo website which changes it's theme every week and to which I often contribute a photo. I had planned to use my self-portrait for the weekly theme (that's me taking the photo of my reflection in a friend's Grandfather clock), but by the time I came home, it was late...and well, you know the story. The bed looked so inviting.

So my Blogging Addiction is taking a bit hit! I've been seriously blogging for the last two years, and between all my many blogs, I've posted a lot of images and text. I want to do it all: exercise, blog, make time for friends and family, create, learn, research, work, and relax.Yet my days go by so quickly. Too quickly for everything I desire to include!

Is time speeding-up? Or is just me? Or is time missing?

How do you manage your time?

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same ole question Where does time go? And why does time speed up the older you get, or when you are having fun? Time is so realitive. Also, make time for breakfast and excerise for the morning, the hardest part of the day to find time?-Gen
I find the older I get the faster it goes...
I find the older I get the faster it goes...
Like Mauigirl says. I find it amazing how quickly time flies as I get older. A week used to be an eternity when I was a kid. Now? I can pretty much stand anything for a week, at least if I have the right drugs.
First of all, I think you do right going on the trade mill first :-)

Then I do agree with you - so much to do - so many lovely blogfriends to visit and comment - so much to say thank you for visiting for.

Besides for me: blogging is after all a hobby, but a nice one like the chance to visit you :-)

Mahalo for liking the Norwegian Food Feast tradition.
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