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Have you ever thought to yourself you'd like to do a makeover on a celebrity? I often imagine what a huge difference another hair style, color, make-up, and style of dress would do for another.

Such is the case with Hillary Clinton. I'd love to do a makeover on her.

Here's my list:

1. I'd soften her hair style, and instead of having it so perfectly styled and brushed back or parted to the side as it is now, I'd bring her hair down on her forehead a bit with some whispy bangs, and I'd have it cut and shaped to suggest a more modern look. The overall effect would be a more relaxed-looking Hillary.

2. She loves pant suits, and far be it for me to put her in something in which she doesn't feel comfortable, but I'd like to see her in edgier designs/styles of pant suits. And every now and then mix in some bold, tasteful jewelry. This would punch up her look.

3. As far as her makeup goes, I'd like to see the lipstick not quite as dark as it photographs--a soft pink or dark, nude shade would be better. I'd change around her eye makeup too to emphasize her beautiful eyes--they need to be highlighted.

Older voters are supposed to be the ones preferring Hillary, but I think she could STILL appeal to them--even after my makeover.

What do you think? Do you imagine makeovers on people too?

We'll see what the vote results bring tonight. Maybe she'll be ready for a makeover.

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I would like to see a softer side, like some bangs. Perhaps what is so shocking is the color choices she wears like bumblebee yellow and black pant suits. Not very appealing to the eyes. I would like to see perhaps a nice butter cream blouse and no blazers. I think her style has a 80s flare don't you think so?-Gen
My personal make-over on Hillary would be to make her disappear, but I'm sure that's not what you had in mind :-)
I agree,a softer look would be better. And I agree the colors could be better. I think she is a "spring" coloring so probably some turquoise or warm coral colors might look nice...
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