Friday, February 22, 2008


Obama-mania and Autism Breakthrough

Parking and waiting at the precincts to vote has been a big topic for conversation this past week in Hawaii. Everyone has their own version of the chaos/story. Obama-mania prevailed, and you had to be persistent and patient to cast your vote.

Of course, Hawaiians voted for Obama. That was a given.

Being the news hound I am, these past couple of weeks has been exciting because there's so much going on in every arena. Between the satellite being blasted out of the sky by the Navy to the Democratic presidential race to the Lunar Eclipse (to name a few fascinating news stories), I've been captivated.

However, one story which might of gotten lost in the glamorous, oh-so-amazing news is the story about Carly Fleischmann. This is my vote for the TOP news story of the week!

Carly is autistic, and her writings on her laptop computer are an autism breakthrough!!!

Read the ABC online story about Carly by clicking here.

Hope is in the air all around this Spring 2008!

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Thanks for posting a blog about Carly, inspirational and eye opening. And yes, Obama has become the hero to many people as a man compared to Kennedy.-Gen
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