Friday, February 15, 2008


Life Is Much Weirder Than Art

To say that Maui has some colorful characters would be stating the obvious. For many years now I've been marveling and cherishing the 'colorful' characters that cross my path--whether I see them sitting in a health food store, hitching a ride, or walking on the beach.

Some of them I see all the time, and some are probably passing through to jolt me awake and make me wonder about them. Out of respect to their privacy and not to intrude upon them, I rarely speak to them--and simply enjoy their 'colorful' splash. I may give them eye contact, nod, or bow my head to their presence.

There is one character that my partner and I have been noticing for many long years. He is a staple fixture on Maui roadways: skinny toothpick legs... often seen wearing a stovepipe hat or some other wild hat...dressing with flare and pizazz...medium length scruffy red beard. Have you seen him too? My partner once chatted him up, and he received two different names, so we're not sure what his real name is. He's been around since Maui was born methinks.

Some of the colorful characters aren't necessarily wearing any color, but they do make a statement. Here is a photo of a man I call my "Man In Black" simply because he was wearing nothing but black with black sunglasses and a bald head. He wasn't your usual beach bum.

And I saw this Cleopatra styled Maui-ite in the health food store.

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These are great shots! I love the quirky side of life and the flavorful cast of characters! Keep em coming MIB4-Gen
Love the shots and your sense of the weird!
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