Sunday, February 24, 2008


Heart Shrine Relic Tour Comes To Maui

Yesterday our family visited the exhibition of the ancient and sacred Buddhist relics hosted by The Maui Dharma Center and VITEC-Maui Community College. These relics have been touring the world since 2001 and will be placed within the Heart Shrine of the 500 foot bronze Maitreya statue under construction in Kushinagar, India due to be completed in 2010.

"Maitreya, the name of the future Buddha, means loving kindness in Sanskrit. The Tour exhibits a beautiful and rare collection of historically significant and culturally unique sacred relics of the historical Shakyamuni Buddha and other significant Buddhist Masters," the pamphlet stated.

Here's more: "The Relics are usually pearl or crystal-like deposits, called ringsel in Tibetan, and found in the ashes of Buddhist spiritual masters who deliberately chose to leave these remains as proof that the qualities of compassion and wisdom had been attained before death. It is hoped that by viewing these relics people will be inspired to cultivate the attitude of loving kindness and therefore naturally contribute to world peace."

For more information about these relics, click here.

May you also be blessed by these photos of the relics as we were!

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Thanks for sharing, this is so neat esp. for people who could not attend-Gen
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