Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day

I've had a horrible case of Spring Fever these past weeks, and the last thing I've wanted to do is spend time on my computer. The weather has finally turned beautiful here on Maui! Because of my Spring Fever, my email and messages from other social networking sites such as Facebook, My Blog Log, Pownce, Xanga, Blog Catalog, and others have stacked up which makes me want to avoid the computer even more. Yikes! I'm so far behind in my responses!

Beach anyone? Hike? Swim?

But I must share this hilarious video clip sent by my blog buddy from Life In The Fast Lane because it's so funny. But before you click on the link below on the Hawaii Chair, be sure to read Deborah's post of the day titled "Anti-Valentine's Day--Love Really Stinks". Simply click on the link above.

I'm happy to read that not everyone is stoked about Valentine's Day! Me included. There's nothing wrong with LOVE. Hey, I'm all for Love, but the cutesy commercial love witnessed and marketed for V.Day is a bit much, dontcha think????

Click here to see the Hawaii Chair in action on Ellen.

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MY WIFE and I met on February 10th, so we have a lgit reason to ignore VDay in favor of that one, so we do! We call Vday "Pedestrian Love Day" :-)
This clip was so funny I almost choked on my breakfast toast because I was laughing so hard! -Gen
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