Saturday, February 09, 2008


A Day At The Swap Meet In Photos

Every Saturday on Maui a large Swap Meet takes place in Kahului. There are lots of booths selling everything under the Sun. I joined a friend who's visiting Maui. This was her first time to shop at the swap meet, so she had a blast checking out all the goodies and buying gifts for family and friends. Since I hadn't been there in a long, long time (when I had another out-of-state guest!), I had fun taking photos.

Here are two of the cutest kids of the day:

And here was my delicious treat of the day, one of my favorite drinks: fresh coconut juice. Here is how it's done (with a very sharp, long knife and skilled hacker!) and then served:

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I love this blog! What a wonderful glimpse of Hawaii for those of us who may never get to go there. Thanks for sharing your photos and observations! I really enjoy your writing.
I've only ever had coconut milk from smaller, dark brown and hairy coconuts ... is this what they look like before they get shipped overseas or are there different varieties?
Great, I love swap meets. I didn't know there was one in Kahului every Saturday. Is it by the school, where they have the Maui County Fair? Or somewhere else?

We love to go to stuff like that; we always stop at "Savers" in Kahului when we're on Maui. I have bought three dressy cocktail dresses for about $10 each at Savers at different times! And I never can find any dresses like that in regular stores; they never fit right.
Beach Bum: yes, it's not a hairy coconut like you had. It's a different variety.

Maui Girl: The Swap Meet is right next to the Post Office on Puunene. There is a parking lot you can park in and a 50 cent entry fee.
Cool, will have to check it out when we're there next month!
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