Monday, January 28, 2008


Weathering The Maui Chill

This blog is almost neck-to-neck to compete for the 500th Post with my photoblog, Wailea Daily Photo. The countdown is on, and soon one of them will cross the finish line for the Big 500!

I haven't been posting as much on this blog because I recently caught a cold and have felt icky. It's much easier to post a photo and write a couple of sentences as I usually do in the Wailea Daily Photo than to write paragraphs! :Smile:

Everyone I know on Maui has caught a horrible cold, and it has been passed around Maui like a hot potato. Of course, the chilly weather hasn't helped. Maui folks aren't used to temperatures in the 60's! As I write this post today, I'm still in my warm, fluffy robe with my warm slippers. For those of us who live in South and West Maui, we can't remember a colder winter. The sun comes out in the day, and the beaches are packed with sunbathers, but at night, brrrrrrrr! Is this global warming or global chilling?

A local remedy which really helps my friends and me with our sore throats is this: gargle with warm water and Hawaiian Sea Salt. The Hawaiian Sea Salt is cheap and sold in most grocery and drugstores. It's amazing how fast this remedy works!

Do you have local remedies that work for your colds?

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OMG, the 60's??? On Maui??? It better get warm for our trip there in March! ;-)

Hope you're feeling better. Friends of ours have both caught a very nasty cold here in NJ too - it seems almost like the flu but it isn't. My friends both had to go on antibiotics to get rid of the cough...hope you are not similarly afflicted!
I've always found that, at the very onset of a cold or flu, if I take the hottest shower I can stand, for as long as I can stand it, that sometimes lessens the severity.
It has been chilly and wet and windy!
It has been chilly in Kula too!

Just found your blog! BRRR. I know, it's even cold in Kuau! Got some great shots of the Haleakala snow this morning, though, that made it worthwhile!
As far as a great cold remedy, the health food stores care Sambucol. It's made of elderberries, it's called "The Jewish Cold Remedy". I swear by it, and so do many folks I've recommended it to. It's about 17 bucks a bottle now. But even kids like it, and it makes a body feel better!
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