Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Time To Let Out A Sigh Of Relief

I'm always delighted when the Holiday Season is over! Today--January 2, 2008--I'm sighing a deep sigh of relief having survived another Maui Holiday Season! There is always so much MORE to do and accomplish during this season, so now that we're finished with the holidays, I'm looking forward to more leisure time!

Yesterday my partner and his friends watched the Hawaii Warriors play a very bad game of football at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, and when my girlfriend and I left to enjoy a bit of beach time, their faces were already growing longer. Georgia took the lead quickly, and they never gave up! Of course, everyone and their dog in Hawaii was rooting for the Warriors, so it was a very sad day for Hawaii! By the time we returned home from the beach, there was such a gloomy vibe in our home because by that time, the Warriors had taken a beating. Final Score was Hawaii 10 and Georgia 41!

My partner is one of those 'Football' kind of guys, and nothing gives him any more joy (except maybe golf) than rooting for his favorite teams. Soon he'll be jetting-off to watch a football game live....he's so excited! We're praying that all the flights are on-schedule because he's got very little leeway to make it to the stadium on time.

I'm quite content to man the fort...errr, our home! Yes, I will have more leisure time!

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Well, you say it's over. I say...
By the way, I rooted for Hawaii all year. It was great story, and I wish they could have had a happier ending.
Happy & Hilarious New Year!

I hope the whole year of 2008 will be quiet, it has been too much in 2007 and we really need to relax :-)

Well, January tend to be verrrry slow over here, so it's quiet alright.

Though now my travel instincts have woken up badly and I can't go yet, still have some duties to take care of! Darn... *s*

Mr Lifecruiser is not at all interested in football, but love to go golfing. At least before he met me.... I've had a hard time leaving me to go out on the golf course. I've destroyed his handicap... *giggles*

Beach.... THAT sounded like something for me! We have the most boring weather here now, changing from snow to rain back and forward all the time. Brrr.

Start The Ship Party!

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