Saturday, January 12, 2008


On Chaos and Reading

I may very well be one of the last females in America to read the bestseller "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. And I have a perfectly good alibi: I've been busy with my OWN writing projects.

As I'm working on checking off my To Do List for 2008, I finally ordered this book from so I could see what everyone and their dog have been raving about. The box from Amazon arrived yesterday. Naturally, I ordered OTHER books too since I'm a devout bookaholic and if you order more than $25 worth, you get free shipping. So how could I merely order one book?!

Looking over my new books, I wondered which one I was going to devour first. They all called to me, but Elizabeth's book won the eeny-meeny-miney-mo contest, and I began reading--all the while telling myself I only planned to read a chapter or two to catch the flavor since I had lots of other things to do.

Yesterday was a perfect day to dip into a delicious book as my day had started on a bad note.

Here's what happened: my partner didn't like the sound of the motor of the water fountain near the front door of our home, my feng-shui nod to bringing in money into our home. The sound was annoying him and over-riding the lovely sound of flowing water. He requested I find a new motor for the unit... or else he would go mad.

This isn't a small fountain. Oh no. I had to get a big bad-ass fountain. After I had unplugged the fountain and attempted to remove the motor from the unit, the fountain water came rushing out onto our beautiful wood floor. Suddenly I found myself deep into a clean-up project, one where I hadn't planned on investing my time and still-frail-energy. But whatcha gonna do? I made the mess, and now I had to clean it up. Then I had to schlep the old motor to the local hardware store and find a compatible replacement motor. Which I did. Mission accomplished.

I even managed to find the time to cash in a bunch of old coins in the Coinstar machine which helped me to check off another chore on my To Do list. I love Coinstar machines--what a time saver they are. Remember the days when you used to have to put coins in rolls? Ugh.

And of course, I did other errands too, and by the time I returned home and the mailman handed me the Amazon box, I was so READY to eat, pray, and love with Liz! The idea of running off to Italy, India, and Indonesia sounded like such a pleasurable invitation.

I've made it to page 92 now, and I can honestly admit I now KNOW why women love this book--we are all living vicariously through the author!! The idea of running away from lists, chaos, and chores is simply too compelling. Even if we merely imagine it.

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Oh good, glad you like this book, because it is the book we are supposed to be reading for our next book club meeting! I have it on my bedside table and need to get into it soon!
Am in the middle of it now and am yearning to go back to Italy!

On to India next...
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