Sunday, January 13, 2008



My daughter and I spent THREE hours yesterday viewing and sifting through old photos in our home office. I've tried doing this process alone, but I become too melancholy looking at old photos, so it helps me to have someone to joke around with. Even then with good company, we both finally said, "Enough Already!".

It's clear that our photo organization project is going to proceed in stages or else the melancholy brought on by our bittersweet memories overwhelms us and puts us into a funk.

As an avid photographer (I've now switched to digital photography), I have LOTS of hard-copy photo memories stored in photo albums and boxes. Each one of these photos is precious to me because I'm very sentimental. At different times in my life, my old photos were either destroyed by fire or water or lost or went missing--and I grieved their loss.

Funny thing about old photos though. My daughter and I both experienced a strange 'feeling' and expressed it to each other after our photo expedition was finished for the day: who were those smiling strangers in these photos posing as us? They looked somewhat like us. Yet they seem like such odd creatures. What were we thinking/feeling when we dressed like that or wore our hair like that or posed like that in these photos?

Have you ever felt like this upon viewing old photos of yourself?

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Memories are kept in photos and sometimes it seems like when you view older photographs you cant relate? Like was that really me? Yikes big hair and eyebrows!
Memories, Big Hair bigger fashion faux pas do's and do nots! Repressed fashion memories!
Oh, sure. I look at photos of me as a child and the only way I know it was me is because I remember being there :-)
I know what you mean. But Suldog, I have the opposite effect - I don't remember being there! I only know I was there because there's a picture of me!
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