Thursday, January 24, 2008


A Makawao Margarita Makes Me Smile

I posted recently about how much I love funky restaurants--and yesterday we made a trip from South Maui over to the North Shore and Makawao--something we haven't done for quite a long while. We were dropping a special person off in Haiku, and my partner was starving. So we squeezed in a visit to one of my favorite funky restaurants in Makawao, Pollis.

It was pouring, so we raced inside for some spicy, warming Mexican food. Located at the corner of Baldwin and Makawao Avenue, this restaurant is always packed no matter what time of day you show up. We were lucky to get a table in the back room when we arrived about 4 pm. After we had ordered, the place completely filled up with customers. This isn't hard to do because Polli's isn't big. It's cozy, and that's one more reason I like it.

Pollis--a long established restaurant--has a family atmosphere with food that would probably fit into the category of Tex-Mex. It's not the greatest Mexican food I've ever had in my life, but it works for me--and out of all the Mexican restaurants on Maui, it's my favorite. By far!

The margaritas are excellent, and even though I've given up on most sugar in my diet, how could I not have a Polli's margarita for old times sake?

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I've never been one for the margaritas, but I surely do enjoy me some Tex-Mex! Looks good!
Margaritas is one of my wife's favourites too - always a winner :-)

Wishing you a lovely end to your week!
We always have to go to Polli's when we're staying on Maui. It's such a cheerful place - and Makawao is such a fun town.

We used to enjoy La Familia Mexican Restaurant in Kihei and were very sad when it closed. It was so nice to be out on their deck watching the sunset drinking our margaritas. And I loved the crabmeat enchiladas! (I still have an old t-shirt from there - it doesn't fit anymore though!)
Mauigirl, I miss that restaurant too! It was such a great place!
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