Thursday, January 31, 2008


Lost--At Last!

Lost is the most confounding show on television.

And I feel that's precisely why it's so popular. People like perplexing puzzles! And we've waited eight long months to receive more clues tonight--the beginning of the long-awaited ABC series season, and like so many other fans of the show, we're puzzling over what's going to happen next to the castaways. Will the rescue party from the freighter anchored offshore turn out to be the bad guys after all? It certainly seems that we're being set-up to think this.

This show tortures my partner with it's twists and turns, flash-backs--or is it flash forwards? We won't know for sure what the writers of the show have in mind until the series finale in 2010! I don't know if we can stand the suspense that long. We'll have no nails left to bite.

I discovered a link for fans of Lost who speculate on the meaning and direction of the show, and after reading many of their far-out thoughts, I'm even more confused. Here's the link if you would like to join the board and add your two cents to the threads.

We watched last evening's summation, and the scrolling bar on the bottom was full of humor, even though it was a bit distracting. However, the summation helped us remember some of the plot which we had forgotten in the time Lost has been off the air. There are so many angles to the series it's easy to forget them all.

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I may a few handful of people who has never watched Lost! But I hear people really like it!
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