Monday, January 21, 2008


Lazy Mornings

Yesterday was one of those rare, lazy mornings in our home where we just hung-out with no rushing-rushing-rushing. When I write 'rare', I mean it!

Here's how it happened: my partner received a phone call at 5 am from one of his golfing buddies whose sore throat and sickness prevented him from their scheduled early morning golf date. And since my partner usually (more like always!) has at least two or three golf dates scheduled per week and since the (now canceled) golf game was scheduled for 6:30 am which meant it was too late to try and round-up another golfer, he had ZERO choice but to relax. Relaxing isn't easy for him. Oh no!

He's a Type A all the way, but he's learning to manage this get-up-and-go tendency as he's maturing. I've watched him relax more through the years without feeling anxiety that's he's not DOING something. He talks about retiring--someday. However, I'm not convinced that retirement is his style--at least, not the way most people envision retirement. My nickname for him is the "White Rabbit" because he's so time conscious.

"Type A individuals are often high-achieving workaholics who multi-task, drive themselves with deadlines, and are unhappy about the smallest of delays," so says Wikipedia.

Now me--Type B or possibly AB! I'm the personality type who invented Lazy Mornings! I love lazy mornings with nothing you have to do. And to actually see my partner putz around without rushing is a treat for me.

Here's the Wikipedia link
if you'd like to learn more about Type A personalities.

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Yez, I'm more like A+B too. and getting worse with aging when it comes to the sleep in... *giggles*

Luckily, Mr L is the same!!!!

BTW, important news:

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Glad you had a day to just groove.
I'm a B person too, but if golfing (on the summer time in Norway then!) is out of the question, I could be talked into relaxing too :lol:

Btw: thanks for your warm Maui aloha - just what I needed on a cold winter day!
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