Tuesday, January 29, 2008


It Snowed On Maui!

Will wonders ever cease?

Yes, snow fell on Haleakala, and the roadway at the top was closed! Several people I know have told me they saw the silvery snowfall from the distance, and some have even taken photos of it. I wasn't whistling Dixie when I posted it was COLD on Maui!

Lelabear--post your photos of the snow so that we can see them!

Back to sniffling and cuddling and shivering....

Later in the day I received a phone call from my mate who called me from his cell, and he said the clouds had now cleared. So I climbed on my roof to capture a photo of the snow on Haleakala, and here it is--ta da!

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Wow!!!! I think that is a great shot of something frankly, you don't see everyday!
it looks cold. What did the weather service call it...."a winter alert."
That's definitely fascinating. Snow in Hawaii. Amazing.
What dedication to climb up on your roof for the photo. I linked to you and your photo in yesterday's Hawaii Vacation News Roundup :-)
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