Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Home Score

My partner took off several days ago to attend the BCS National Championship Game in New Orleans. He had tickets, and was he jazzed, being the rabid Ohio State University football fan he is! I could barely hold him down from floating away pre-game, and so I put magnets in his sneakers to keep him earth-bound. Just kidding.

Yesterday his team lost. I haven't heard from him. His cellphone probably died. Or he's depressed. He takes HIS football very seriously.

I'm not too worried as I know he'll eventually wend his way home again with photos and stories to tell about New Orleans, the crazy party atmosphere, and the game. Ugghh. The Game!

In the meantime, I scored a win for him, and I'm waiting to be notified via email about it. In our mutual email folder we share, I saw there was a contest for the points for the game, and so I entered it. The prize was a set of OSU DVD's which I thought he might like to have. And guess what, I picked right! I WON!

It's been extremely peaceful around here with him away, and I've relished the silence. I've taken a mini-retreat right in our own home. I've posted very little on my blogs....slept late...meditated more...caught up on my reading....and have thoroughly enjoyed my alone time.

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Congrats on the win - and condolences to your significant other on the loss.

Mentioned Poinsettiakiki the other day. Hope she's well!
I have never been into football and never understood the football fever. However this year when Hawaii made it into the Sugar bowl I decided to watch, and can see how people (fans) follow a team and have team and state pride. Its fun. Its loud, and when the team does not win I have seen people get really depressed like a football roller coaster. I guess that is what it is all about!
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