Thursday, January 17, 2008


Give Me Funky

There are many times when I wish Maui had more funky restaurants with great food. I have this kind of fantasy restaurant in my mind which derives from memories of restaurants in third world countries I've visited--the kind of restaurant where you walk straight from the beach and plop down on a rickety wooden chair...maybe there's an oil tablecloth or maybe just a beat-up old wood fanfare...and the waiter brings you a delicious dinner for a small price.

But there's no such animal on Maui. Food is expensive here. Dining out is even more expensive--well, maybe not for Europeans now!

Last night I wasn't in the mood for even getting half-way dressed for dining. I just wanted a Seriously Funky restaurant (with really good food!), and my pod-ner and I put our thinking-caps on and threw out names of different, familiar restaurants which promptly got shot-down by the other for one reason or another. Finally we decided on Pita Paradise.

Located in Kihei Kalama Village, it had just enough funk to make me happy. The restaurant label I suppose would be 'Greek', but the dinner menu has offerings which could easily be called Italian. Run by owners Christine and John Arabatzis and with John catching all the fish served, it has the vibe of a mom and pop place. World music was playing which was great! And my favorite: oil tablecloths! Yes! Oh, and the food was really good!

Now if I could just transport this restaurant to a Maui beach, my desire for the perfect fantasy -funky Maui restaurant would come to life!

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Yeah, I like interesting little places to eat, also. Some of my fondest memories are of traveling with my folks when I was a kid and dining in family-run or hole-in-the-wall restaurants that were recommended by the book "Europe On Five Dollars A Day."

(I wonder what that book might be now? Certainly NOT $5/day!)

Anyway, we'd go in, sit at one of maybe three or four tables, and get amazingly good and plentiful food for just pennies! It was simply astounding how much good food and friendly service could be had for little money.
Here from Lifecruiser to show that we stick together - and visit each other.

Btw; I like slow food the most and the best one is made in our own kitchen :-)
I too wish there were more funky Maui restaurants. Or even inexpensive ones. There used to be a great Kihei restaurant called the Outrigger right on the beach (not far from Wailea) but now it's some fancy schmancy place. The old place had a great salad bar, excellent fresh grilled fish, and an outdoor terrace right on the beach that you could eat on. Sometimes cats would wander up from the beach and beg for your fish meal!
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