Friday, January 11, 2008


Dream Home....Or Not?

For many years, I have dutifully entered the online HGTV Dream Home Giveaway:

"Enter once a day for a chance to win a gorgeous home in the Florida Keys. The grand prize — worth more than $2.2 million — includes designer furnishings and a new GMC® Yukon Hybrid," advertises the entry on the HGTV website.

And I have yet to win....along with MANY others. This Give Away is huge, so the odds must be tremendous, but that doesn't keep me and others from taking a few seconds out of our day to enter the daily contest. Why not I tell myself--it's free!

In years past I have taken the tour of the rooms, wondered what I would do with the dog house they provide, re-arranged furniture in the rooms in my imagination, visualized MY artwork on certain walls, and went the whole nine yards imagining myself being the winner. For the most part, I've been impressed with the homes they give away.

However, this year's home is somehow 'lacking' to me. It's located in the Florida Keys...Islamorada. Since the Keys are small, I guess the home has to be small too. And when I look at it and see how small the home and the rooms they're showing thus far, I think to myself, "This one I would definitely sell!" I wouldn't have a problem holding onto it.

I'm always curious about the winners of the HGTV contest. Do most of them sell their prize because of the taxes due? Or do they live happily ever after in their new home?

I've got to go enter the contest now....just in case. Maybe I'll win this year because I'm not so attached to winning!

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Most people sell them. This guy didn't want to at first, but things didn't work out so well for him:
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