Thursday, January 31, 2008


Lost--At Last!

Lost is the most confounding show on television.

And I feel that's precisely why it's so popular. People like perplexing puzzles! And we've waited eight long months to receive more clues tonight--the beginning of the long-awaited ABC series season, and like so many other fans of the show, we're puzzling over what's going to happen next to the castaways. Will the rescue party from the freighter anchored offshore turn out to be the bad guys after all? It certainly seems that we're being set-up to think this.

This show tortures my partner with it's twists and turns, flash-backs--or is it flash forwards? We won't know for sure what the writers of the show have in mind until the series finale in 2010! I don't know if we can stand the suspense that long. We'll have no nails left to bite.

I discovered a link for fans of Lost who speculate on the meaning and direction of the show, and after reading many of their far-out thoughts, I'm even more confused. Here's the link if you would like to join the board and add your two cents to the threads.

We watched last evening's summation, and the scrolling bar on the bottom was full of humor, even though it was a bit distracting. However, the summation helped us remember some of the plot which we had forgotten in the time Lost has been off the air. There are so many angles to the series it's easy to forget them all.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


It Snowed On Maui!

Will wonders ever cease?

Yes, snow fell on Haleakala, and the roadway at the top was closed! Several people I know have told me they saw the silvery snowfall from the distance, and some have even taken photos of it. I wasn't whistling Dixie when I posted it was COLD on Maui!

Lelabear--post your photos of the snow so that we can see them!

Back to sniffling and cuddling and shivering....

Later in the day I received a phone call from my mate who called me from his cell, and he said the clouds had now cleared. So I climbed on my roof to capture a photo of the snow on Haleakala, and here it is--ta da!

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Monday, January 28, 2008


Weathering The Maui Chill

This blog is almost neck-to-neck to compete for the 500th Post with my photoblog, Wailea Daily Photo. The countdown is on, and soon one of them will cross the finish line for the Big 500!

I haven't been posting as much on this blog because I recently caught a cold and have felt icky. It's much easier to post a photo and write a couple of sentences as I usually do in the Wailea Daily Photo than to write paragraphs! :Smile:

Everyone I know on Maui has caught a horrible cold, and it has been passed around Maui like a hot potato. Of course, the chilly weather hasn't helped. Maui folks aren't used to temperatures in the 60's! As I write this post today, I'm still in my warm, fluffy robe with my warm slippers. For those of us who live in South and West Maui, we can't remember a colder winter. The sun comes out in the day, and the beaches are packed with sunbathers, but at night, brrrrrrrr! Is this global warming or global chilling?

A local remedy which really helps my friends and me with our sore throats is this: gargle with warm water and Hawaiian Sea Salt. The Hawaiian Sea Salt is cheap and sold in most grocery and drugstores. It's amazing how fast this remedy works!

Do you have local remedies that work for your colds?

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Thursday, January 24, 2008


A Makawao Margarita Makes Me Smile

I posted recently about how much I love funky restaurants--and yesterday we made a trip from South Maui over to the North Shore and Makawao--something we haven't done for quite a long while. We were dropping a special person off in Haiku, and my partner was starving. So we squeezed in a visit to one of my favorite funky restaurants in Makawao, Pollis.

It was pouring, so we raced inside for some spicy, warming Mexican food. Located at the corner of Baldwin and Makawao Avenue, this restaurant is always packed no matter what time of day you show up. We were lucky to get a table in the back room when we arrived about 4 pm. After we had ordered, the place completely filled up with customers. This isn't hard to do because Polli's isn't big. It's cozy, and that's one more reason I like it.

Pollis--a long established restaurant--has a family atmosphere with food that would probably fit into the category of Tex-Mex. It's not the greatest Mexican food I've ever had in my life, but it works for me--and out of all the Mexican restaurants on Maui, it's my favorite. By far!

The margaritas are excellent, and even though I've given up on most sugar in my diet, how could I not have a Polli's margarita for old times sake?

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Monday, January 21, 2008


Lazy Mornings

Yesterday was one of those rare, lazy mornings in our home where we just hung-out with no rushing-rushing-rushing. When I write 'rare', I mean it!

Here's how it happened: my partner received a phone call at 5 am from one of his golfing buddies whose sore throat and sickness prevented him from their scheduled early morning golf date. And since my partner usually (more like always!) has at least two or three golf dates scheduled per week and since the (now canceled) golf game was scheduled for 6:30 am which meant it was too late to try and round-up another golfer, he had ZERO choice but to relax. Relaxing isn't easy for him. Oh no!

He's a Type A all the way, but he's learning to manage this get-up-and-go tendency as he's maturing. I've watched him relax more through the years without feeling anxiety that's he's not DOING something. He talks about retiring--someday. However, I'm not convinced that retirement is his style--at least, not the way most people envision retirement. My nickname for him is the "White Rabbit" because he's so time conscious.

"Type A individuals are often high-achieving workaholics who multi-task, drive themselves with deadlines, and are unhappy about the smallest of delays," so says Wikipedia.

Now me--Type B or possibly AB! I'm the personality type who invented Lazy Mornings! I love lazy mornings with nothing you have to do. And to actually see my partner putz around without rushing is a treat for me.

Here's the Wikipedia link
if you'd like to learn more about Type A personalities.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008


What Can Be Better?

What can be better than "breaking the bread" with good friends over dinner? Warm bread dipped into olive oil and vinegar was simply divine last evening. This bread was not your ordinary bread either--oranges were mixed into it. It melted into our mouths as we chatted and quickly disappeared to be replaced by another loaf.

Where can you find this delicious bread?


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Thursday, January 17, 2008


Give Me Funky

There are many times when I wish Maui had more funky restaurants with great food. I have this kind of fantasy restaurant in my mind which derives from memories of restaurants in third world countries I've visited--the kind of restaurant where you walk straight from the beach and plop down on a rickety wooden chair...maybe there's an oil tablecloth or maybe just a beat-up old wood fanfare...and the waiter brings you a delicious dinner for a small price.

But there's no such animal on Maui. Food is expensive here. Dining out is even more expensive--well, maybe not for Europeans now!

Last night I wasn't in the mood for even getting half-way dressed for dining. I just wanted a Seriously Funky restaurant (with really good food!), and my pod-ner and I put our thinking-caps on and threw out names of different, familiar restaurants which promptly got shot-down by the other for one reason or another. Finally we decided on Pita Paradise.

Located in Kihei Kalama Village, it had just enough funk to make me happy. The restaurant label I suppose would be 'Greek', but the dinner menu has offerings which could easily be called Italian. Run by owners Christine and John Arabatzis and with John catching all the fish served, it has the vibe of a mom and pop place. World music was playing which was great! And my favorite: oil tablecloths! Yes! Oh, and the food was really good!

Now if I could just transport this restaurant to a Maui beach, my desire for the perfect fantasy -funky Maui restaurant would come to life!

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Sunday, January 13, 2008



My daughter and I spent THREE hours yesterday viewing and sifting through old photos in our home office. I've tried doing this process alone, but I become too melancholy looking at old photos, so it helps me to have someone to joke around with. Even then with good company, we both finally said, "Enough Already!".

It's clear that our photo organization project is going to proceed in stages or else the melancholy brought on by our bittersweet memories overwhelms us and puts us into a funk.

As an avid photographer (I've now switched to digital photography), I have LOTS of hard-copy photo memories stored in photo albums and boxes. Each one of these photos is precious to me because I'm very sentimental. At different times in my life, my old photos were either destroyed by fire or water or lost or went missing--and I grieved their loss.

Funny thing about old photos though. My daughter and I both experienced a strange 'feeling' and expressed it to each other after our photo expedition was finished for the day: who were those smiling strangers in these photos posing as us? They looked somewhat like us. Yet they seem like such odd creatures. What were we thinking/feeling when we dressed like that or wore our hair like that or posed like that in these photos?

Have you ever felt like this upon viewing old photos of yourself?

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Saturday, January 12, 2008


On Chaos and Reading

I may very well be one of the last females in America to read the bestseller "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. And I have a perfectly good alibi: I've been busy with my OWN writing projects.

As I'm working on checking off my To Do List for 2008, I finally ordered this book from so I could see what everyone and their dog have been raving about. The box from Amazon arrived yesterday. Naturally, I ordered OTHER books too since I'm a devout bookaholic and if you order more than $25 worth, you get free shipping. So how could I merely order one book?!

Looking over my new books, I wondered which one I was going to devour first. They all called to me, but Elizabeth's book won the eeny-meeny-miney-mo contest, and I began reading--all the while telling myself I only planned to read a chapter or two to catch the flavor since I had lots of other things to do.

Yesterday was a perfect day to dip into a delicious book as my day had started on a bad note.

Here's what happened: my partner didn't like the sound of the motor of the water fountain near the front door of our home, my feng-shui nod to bringing in money into our home. The sound was annoying him and over-riding the lovely sound of flowing water. He requested I find a new motor for the unit... or else he would go mad.

This isn't a small fountain. Oh no. I had to get a big bad-ass fountain. After I had unplugged the fountain and attempted to remove the motor from the unit, the fountain water came rushing out onto our beautiful wood floor. Suddenly I found myself deep into a clean-up project, one where I hadn't planned on investing my time and still-frail-energy. But whatcha gonna do? I made the mess, and now I had to clean it up. Then I had to schlep the old motor to the local hardware store and find a compatible replacement motor. Which I did. Mission accomplished.

I even managed to find the time to cash in a bunch of old coins in the Coinstar machine which helped me to check off another chore on my To Do list. I love Coinstar machines--what a time saver they are. Remember the days when you used to have to put coins in rolls? Ugh.

And of course, I did other errands too, and by the time I returned home and the mailman handed me the Amazon box, I was so READY to eat, pray, and love with Liz! The idea of running off to Italy, India, and Indonesia sounded like such a pleasurable invitation.

I've made it to page 92 now, and I can honestly admit I now KNOW why women love this book--we are all living vicariously through the author!! The idea of running away from lists, chaos, and chores is simply too compelling. Even if we merely imagine it.

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Friday, January 11, 2008


Dream Home....Or Not?

For many years, I have dutifully entered the online HGTV Dream Home Giveaway:

"Enter once a day for a chance to win a gorgeous home in the Florida Keys. The grand prize — worth more than $2.2 million — includes designer furnishings and a new GMC® Yukon Hybrid," advertises the entry on the HGTV website.

And I have yet to win....along with MANY others. This Give Away is huge, so the odds must be tremendous, but that doesn't keep me and others from taking a few seconds out of our day to enter the daily contest. Why not I tell myself--it's free!

In years past I have taken the tour of the rooms, wondered what I would do with the dog house they provide, re-arranged furniture in the rooms in my imagination, visualized MY artwork on certain walls, and went the whole nine yards imagining myself being the winner. For the most part, I've been impressed with the homes they give away.

However, this year's home is somehow 'lacking' to me. It's located in the Florida Keys...Islamorada. Since the Keys are small, I guess the home has to be small too. And when I look at it and see how small the home and the rooms they're showing thus far, I think to myself, "This one I would definitely sell!" I wouldn't have a problem holding onto it.

I'm always curious about the winners of the HGTV contest. Do most of them sell their prize because of the taxes due? Or do they live happily ever after in their new home?

I've got to go enter the contest now....just in case. Maybe I'll win this year because I'm not so attached to winning!

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Home Score

My partner took off several days ago to attend the BCS National Championship Game in New Orleans. He had tickets, and was he jazzed, being the rabid Ohio State University football fan he is! I could barely hold him down from floating away pre-game, and so I put magnets in his sneakers to keep him earth-bound. Just kidding.

Yesterday his team lost. I haven't heard from him. His cellphone probably died. Or he's depressed. He takes HIS football very seriously.

I'm not too worried as I know he'll eventually wend his way home again with photos and stories to tell about New Orleans, the crazy party atmosphere, and the game. Ugghh. The Game!

In the meantime, I scored a win for him, and I'm waiting to be notified via email about it. In our mutual email folder we share, I saw there was a contest for the points for the game, and so I entered it. The prize was a set of OSU DVD's which I thought he might like to have. And guess what, I picked right! I WON!

It's been extremely peaceful around here with him away, and I've relished the silence. I've taken a mini-retreat right in our own home. I've posted very little on my blogs....slept late...meditated more...caught up on my reading....and have thoroughly enjoyed my alone time.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Time To Let Out A Sigh Of Relief

I'm always delighted when the Holiday Season is over! Today--January 2, 2008--I'm sighing a deep sigh of relief having survived another Maui Holiday Season! There is always so much MORE to do and accomplish during this season, so now that we're finished with the holidays, I'm looking forward to more leisure time!

Yesterday my partner and his friends watched the Hawaii Warriors play a very bad game of football at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, and when my girlfriend and I left to enjoy a bit of beach time, their faces were already growing longer. Georgia took the lead quickly, and they never gave up! Of course, everyone and their dog in Hawaii was rooting for the Warriors, so it was a very sad day for Hawaii! By the time we returned home from the beach, there was such a gloomy vibe in our home because by that time, the Warriors had taken a beating. Final Score was Hawaii 10 and Georgia 41!

My partner is one of those 'Football' kind of guys, and nothing gives him any more joy (except maybe golf) than rooting for his favorite teams. Soon he'll be jetting-off to watch a football game live....he's so excited! We're praying that all the flights are on-schedule because he's got very little leeway to make it to the stadium on time.

I'm quite content to man the fort...errr, our home! Yes, I will have more leisure time!

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