Thursday, December 20, 2007


Thursday Thirteen

I haven't played Thursday Thirteen in awhile because I was slowed down with pneumonia for about three months, but now that my energy has returned (mostly!), I am ready to play along again!

My Thursday Thirteen today is: 13 Reasons Why I'm Overjoyed To Be On Maui During the Christmas Holiday:

1. The weather is perfect: sweater weather at night, and bikini weather during the day!

2. The Humpback Whales have returned as they do every year about this time! Yeh! Who doesn't love the Humpback Whales?

3. Since I live on Maui, it's good to be HOME for the holidays!

4. This is the season when the tourists return in droves, and all the island business's flourish!

5. The island is Emerald Green & Lush because of the recent rain storms and so beautiful to behold!

6. I get to see friends at Christmas parties whom I only run into once a year at these parties. Maui can at the same time be a very big island and also a very small one. Some people I run into all the time, and others I see only once a year at Christmas.

7. My large teddy bear collection come out of the boxes as part of my Christmas decoration, and I get to hang-out with my old teddy bear friends.

8. Our poinsettia bushes are in bloom again.

9. The gifts I've been buying all year long for others finally get wrapped up and moved on! My closets are now a whole lot less cluttered!

10. The Christmas holidays on Maui are a hoot because all the resorts, businesses and homes have a decorated Christmas tree, even though Maui is tropical!

11. For some odd reason, everyone wants to come visit Maui during this season and thinks about us a lot. I wonder why! Could it be the warm, cobalt blue ocean, the whales, the perfect weather? What?! :Smile:

12. I like it when Maui is busy and full of people dashing here and there.

13. Did I mention the weather????

To find out more about Thursday Thirteen, click here.

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What a great post. I would love to see poinsettias in bloom in their rightful habitat. Sounds marvelous! God bless, and Merry Christmas!
Wow, that one made me feel really good. You have a life chock-full of good times!
Maui is my favorite of the islands. Happy TT.
LOL Ok now I"m jealous, no not because I can't wear a bikini heheh
Because its -25 degrees celcius ocver here LOL

Happy TT

Mele Kalikimaka!
I'm glad you're feeling better; I've missed your TTs!

Humpback whales? Really? #1 is studying all about humpbacks, among other things, this year.

Have a wonderful Christmas and keep on feeling well!
I'd love to be in Maui right now, it sounds so lovely! Gosh, glad you are feeling better! Happy TT and Happy Holidays!
I could write 13 reasons why I envy you for living in Maui at Christmas. Florida isn't bad---actually I love North Florida---but it isn't Hawaii; no mountains, fascinating local culture, etc.

It sounds like you're having a wonderful time...13 Extraordinary Winter scenes

I'm envious! I'd love to go back to Hawaii again.
Never been to Hawaii...maybe one day! Sounds wonderful! Merry Christmas!
Your attitude tells me you'd have a joyous Christmas wherever you find yourself, but I'm glad you were home for Christmas and I know you were happy of it,too! Glad you're over the sickie stuff, too. I've had pneumonia several times & it sure takes a lot out of you.

Hauoli Makahiki Hou! Visiting for the Carnival of Aloha!
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