Monday, December 24, 2007


A Poinsettia Remembers Christmas

I've been inspired by a brilliant post written by a fellow blogger, Jim Suldog. The link to this post will be at the end of this one, but first I wanted to share MY own poinsettia's story:

Aloha and Christmas Cheer to All! My photo is shown above, and my name is Poinsettiakiki. I know I don't look like much now, but once I was fluffy and red--that was last Christmas 2006. It was at that time that I was adopted from a grocery store by a loving family who admired my fluffy red leaves and lush green foliage.

After the Christmas Season was over, I was put outside in the warm Maui sunshine with other plants. However, my owners/friends traveled a lot last year, and even though my caretakers tried their best to water me while my owners were away, I nearly died in the sweltering heat of a South Maui summer. My leaves disappeared, and all that was left of me were stumps.

My lovely friend, Kuanyin, who is a plant lover refused to let me die. She kept telling me that I would be beautiful again and re-gain my red good looks. And guess what? She was right! Just look at me now! She even added a home-made Hawaiian hand-crafted tapa cloth Christmas ornament on me to make me happy. You can see by my tall stems that I'm a survivor, and I send my loving Christmas blessings to Pointy to hang-in there. You also have a loving owner/friend who won't let you die. You too can live on demonstrate how to Nourish and Remember Love!

Be sure to read Pointy's Christmas story HERE. Perhaps your children will like both of these stories! Merry Christmas or as we say in Hawaii, Mele Kalikimaka.

And if you're in the mood for giving and sharing, check out my latest post on my blog Way Khool Sites.

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I have a brown thumb. Even with the best of intentions, I would have killed that poor plant. Glad it met you instead of me!

Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by my blog. By the way, I love your name -- Bodhisattva of Compassion, my favorite.
Oh, wonderful. This will remind us about never giving up! I wish I could be there to see it alive live :-)

I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas Holiday and above all: filled with peace and joy.

Our xmas has been good so far, except for the weather. No snow, just gray and cloudy.

We have decided to give ourselves a trip somewhere in Europe as soon as the weather in the rest of Europe is getting warmer. That will probably be in the beginning of March.

Do I need to mention that I want it to be March? *giggles*

Sorry for not being here for a while, this must have been the busiest pre-christmas period ever! Phew!

Mele Kalikimaka = God Jul :-D
Meowy Christmas my dear!
Prrs for you and family.

Thank you VERY MUCH for the link love. I will be sure to show Pointy his Hawaiian relation's story :-)

Merry Christmas!
By the way, there is a recorded version of "Pointy" now available at my blog. I think you'll enjoy it.
Hi Kuanyin! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Glad your poinsettia is enjoying Christmas in Maui. I also loved the link to the story about Pointy.

We managed to keep a poinsettia alive for three years once but it eventually died. New Jersey is not conducive to long life for poinsettias!
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