Friday, December 28, 2007


Of Cowboys and Blogging

My daughter came over for a visit yesterday, and during our conversation, she mentioned that she had heard a woman blogger being interviewed on television. The blogger said that she believed her blog success was due to the fact that she posted a lot of photos on her blog.

My daughter remembered enough of the name of the blog for me to locate it by googling it, and sure 'nuf, this woman did post a lot of photos. Good ones. Cowboy ones. Middle-class, farm-style photos with horses, cows, and COWBOYS! There were way more photos than text.

Obviously this blog had struck a nerve with the blog public, and the calendar the woman sold of her photos was probably selling very well by the look of the huge amount of comments.

With that said, I'm going to post MORE photos here on this blog. Call me a copy cat. I don't care. Since I already take so many photos, I might as well use them, eh? And Maui has cowboys too! And Maui has lots of good-looking men in general.

My daughter said that she recalled the woman blogger saying that her blog started receiving a lot of hits after she posted photos of cowboys. Hmmmm..... Does this mean there are more women bloggers interested in cowboys or men in general? In any case, I'm posting my cowboy photo. This is a real honest-to-goodness Maui cowboy who works on a ranch here.

I already have TWO other photoblogs where I post my Maui photos: Wailea Daily Photo and Maui Skies. So if you're looking for Maui photos, there ya go!

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Keep it coming love the cowboys
hmmm...village people? some men love cowboys too.
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