Monday, December 31, 2007


A Maui New Year's Eve

Photo: Charles Pfeil

It's's pouring...the old man is snoring! Did you ever sing this song as a kid?

Yes's raining again on Maui! Of course, this screws up my New Year's Eve plan to have a Letting Go Ceremony at the beach before midnight (of course!). So I guess I'll do the ceremony snug as a bug indoors. Who wants to be on the roads after midnight on New Year's Eve? I'm sure crazy folks and cops will be out and about. New Year's Eve is not a time I care to be on a road.

I'm catching up on email, posting on blogs, and I see that Evelyn has already posted the Carnival of Aloha on her blog Homespun Honolulu. This is the second time I've participated in this carnival, and if you'd like to read some other Hawaii bloggers, this is a great place to start.

Our New Year's Eve plans got changed more than once. We were planning a party, but my partner is buried-under with a heavy work load right now, so we canceled the party since we don't have any idea when he'll make it home. A party wouldn't be a party without him!

I ventured out for two trips to different stores to buy groceries and other things, and I was wondering what's gonna happen to all those firecrackers and noise makers the stores are selling? Won't they fizzle out in the rain? There are huge stocks of fireworks as the retailers know Hawaiians love to make noise and displays on New Year's Eve!

From my cozy Hawaiian Home to yours--wherever you be--Happy New Year! Mahalo Nui Loa for visiting my blog--you are appreciated.

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Hau'oli Makahiki Hou, Kaunyin.
All snug over here too. Not sure if we'll venture out to see the Aloha Tower fire works. We're watching the news and all the Hawaii residents having a party in New Orleans! :) Even the Mayor is there!

Happy Holidays!!!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to you and Poinsettiakiki!

Jim, HIS WIFE, & Pointy
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