Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Christmas Cheer

Having recently experienced the discomfort of a power outage that lasted for three days during the Big Maui Super Storm, my heart goes out for those in the Midwest who are without power and freezing their bippies off in their homes while waiting for their electricity to be restored. At least, we Maui folk were warm while we waited for the power to be restored! The photos I've seen on the net of the bad weather conditions in the Midwest are terrifying!

I read today that this icy storm is now heading for the Northeast just in time for Christmas. Click here for the MSNBC story "Northeast braces for double winter whammy". Ouch!

So when I get my Christmas Grinch going-on as sometimes I do during this season, I remind myself of the misery so many others are currently experiencing, and this speedily chases my Grinch away!

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