Sunday, December 16, 2007


Catching Up To Christmas

Christmas always comes too fast for me. But this year, the Christmas Season came WAY too fast. Having been slowed down by illness in Autumn which put me behind the 8-ball, I'm doing my best with playing Catch-up To Christmas!

What does this mean for me?

I'm a traditionalist, and I STILL mail out Christmas cards! Fewer people are sending cards in the mail, but I am sticking with this tradition as I love to both receive and send snail-mail cards. I feel a sense of relief when I've mailed out the last Christmas cards, so relief hasn't set-in yet because in my purse are the last remains of foreign Christmas cards.... which now most likely won't arrive until 2008! Oh well!

I've got a stack of freshly wrapped Christmas gifts which now require the artistry of bows. This stack of gifts is sitting on a table awaiting their turn with my limited time.

Emails, blogs, and returned phone calls are backed-up awaiting my attention. If you're like me, you receive LOTS of emails, and during these holy daze, sometimes it takes me weeks to reply to everyone. And since at last count I had over 15 blogs--- can imagine!

Exercise? What's that?

Parties? As many as I can squeeze in!

I finally managed to get my tree decorated yesterday with my daughter. Wh00t!

How about you? Are you also playing Catching Up To Christmas?

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I am playing catch up too! Happy Holidays Mama Maui
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