Monday, December 10, 2007


At The Movies

We saw two movies over the weekend, and we liked them BOTH which is a rarity for us as we are hard to please when it comes to the movies, especially my partner who is known to talk loudly to the movie screen if he's unhappy with the movie! Who knew my picky partner would go crazy for the movie "Enchanted"!? When I saw the preview for this movie, my vibe was that the movie was made for kids and teenagers, but now I know it was made for the inner child in all of us. Maybe that's why it's been Number One at the box office this season?

My daughter and I dragged my partner to this movie, and he was sure this movie would bore him. I think he liked it better than my daughter and me combined! He likes movies with happy, certain (and not subtle) endings with everything tied up with a pretty bow, and Enchanted had this kind of ending in spades. I suppose in these years of profound transformation and uncertainty, a movie like Enchanted fills a great need for many.

I was more drawn to the second movie "The Golden Compass". We heard about the controversy surrounding this film indicating that it was an "anti-religious" film, but I didn't perceive this agenda at all in the movie! If anything, the movie was more Orwellian.

"The Golden Compass" movie was adapted from the first book of a trilogy, "His Dark Materials" by British author Philip Pullman. Indeed, there was a "darkish" hue to this movie as compared to Disney's "Enchanted". And there was a whole lot more substance too. With Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, and 13-year-old Dakota Blue Richards who plays the daring young heroine, the central cast is riveting. There's lots of special effects too--hence the reported $180 million dollar price tag. My favorite was the loyal warrior bear.... my inner child is alive and well too!

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