Monday, December 31, 2007


A Maui New Year's Eve

Photo: Charles Pfeil

It's's pouring...the old man is snoring! Did you ever sing this song as a kid?

Yes's raining again on Maui! Of course, this screws up my New Year's Eve plan to have a Letting Go Ceremony at the beach before midnight (of course!). So I guess I'll do the ceremony snug as a bug indoors. Who wants to be on the roads after midnight on New Year's Eve? I'm sure crazy folks and cops will be out and about. New Year's Eve is not a time I care to be on a road.

I'm catching up on email, posting on blogs, and I see that Evelyn has already posted the Carnival of Aloha on her blog Homespun Honolulu. This is the second time I've participated in this carnival, and if you'd like to read some other Hawaii bloggers, this is a great place to start.

Our New Year's Eve plans got changed more than once. We were planning a party, but my partner is buried-under with a heavy work load right now, so we canceled the party since we don't have any idea when he'll make it home. A party wouldn't be a party without him!

I ventured out for two trips to different stores to buy groceries and other things, and I was wondering what's gonna happen to all those firecrackers and noise makers the stores are selling? Won't they fizzle out in the rain? There are huge stocks of fireworks as the retailers know Hawaiians love to make noise and displays on New Year's Eve!

From my cozy Hawaiian Home to yours--wherever you be--Happy New Year! Mahalo Nui Loa for visiting my blog--you are appreciated.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007


The "Busy Season" Has Arrived

My daughter invited me the other evening to join her at the Maui Film Festival at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. She had been given a "Pass" as a Christmas gift which enabled her to invite others to join her for the films at the film festival. She had never attended a Maui Film Festival before, so she was unprepared and surprised at the large crowd and the long lines.

Since neither of us have the patience to wait in lines, we hung out in the cafe until the line dwindled down, and then we easily walked in with our tickets. We couldn't help but laugh as the people in the lines literally ran into the theater once the doors were opened. There were plenty of seats left inside, but I guess it's human nature to bolt for the gate if you've been standing in line long enough.

Yes, the "Busy Season" on Maui has arrived, and it's not just the theaters which are packed--it's the roadways, the malls, the resorts, and the beaches. Paris Hilton made another trip back here to Maui. Through one of our connections, we know the local bodyguard that was hired to accompany her on her shopping trips, and we heard that she wasn't hassled by the paparazzi at all while she was here.This is one good reason to visit Maui!

I imagine the celebrities don't have to wait in line. This is the ONLY good reason to become a celebrity as far as I'm concerned. Other than not having to wait, the celebrities are prisoners of the media, the public, and the paparazzi. I find this very sad!

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Friday, December 28, 2007


Of Cowboys and Blogging

My daughter came over for a visit yesterday, and during our conversation, she mentioned that she had heard a woman blogger being interviewed on television. The blogger said that she believed her blog success was due to the fact that she posted a lot of photos on her blog.

My daughter remembered enough of the name of the blog for me to locate it by googling it, and sure 'nuf, this woman did post a lot of photos. Good ones. Cowboy ones. Middle-class, farm-style photos with horses, cows, and COWBOYS! There were way more photos than text.

Obviously this blog had struck a nerve with the blog public, and the calendar the woman sold of her photos was probably selling very well by the look of the huge amount of comments.

With that said, I'm going to post MORE photos here on this blog. Call me a copy cat. I don't care. Since I already take so many photos, I might as well use them, eh? And Maui has cowboys too! And Maui has lots of good-looking men in general.

My daughter said that she recalled the woman blogger saying that her blog started receiving a lot of hits after she posted photos of cowboys. Hmmmm..... Does this mean there are more women bloggers interested in cowboys or men in general? In any case, I'm posting my cowboy photo. This is a real honest-to-goodness Maui cowboy who works on a ranch here.

I already have TWO other photoblogs where I post my Maui photos: Wailea Daily Photo and Maui Skies. So if you're looking for Maui photos, there ya go!

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Monday, December 24, 2007


A Poinsettia Remembers Christmas

I've been inspired by a brilliant post written by a fellow blogger, Jim Suldog. The link to this post will be at the end of this one, but first I wanted to share MY own poinsettia's story:

Aloha and Christmas Cheer to All! My photo is shown above, and my name is Poinsettiakiki. I know I don't look like much now, but once I was fluffy and red--that was last Christmas 2006. It was at that time that I was adopted from a grocery store by a loving family who admired my fluffy red leaves and lush green foliage.

After the Christmas Season was over, I was put outside in the warm Maui sunshine with other plants. However, my owners/friends traveled a lot last year, and even though my caretakers tried their best to water me while my owners were away, I nearly died in the sweltering heat of a South Maui summer. My leaves disappeared, and all that was left of me were stumps.

My lovely friend, Kuanyin, who is a plant lover refused to let me die. She kept telling me that I would be beautiful again and re-gain my red good looks. And guess what? She was right! Just look at me now! She even added a home-made Hawaiian hand-crafted tapa cloth Christmas ornament on me to make me happy. You can see by my tall stems that I'm a survivor, and I send my loving Christmas blessings to Pointy to hang-in there. You also have a loving owner/friend who won't let you die. You too can live on demonstrate how to Nourish and Remember Love!

Be sure to read Pointy's Christmas story HERE. Perhaps your children will like both of these stories! Merry Christmas or as we say in Hawaii, Mele Kalikimaka.

And if you're in the mood for giving and sharing, check out my latest post on my blog Way Khool Sites.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007


Christmas Tree Ornaments

One of the many things I love about the Christmas Season is viewing our collection of Christmas tree ornaments. These ornaments are diverse, and I've gathered them from all around the world at various times, so our Christmas tree is EXTREMELY eclectic. And that's the way I like it!

Others have gifted us ornaments through the years as well--and I treasure these ones! We have a most unusual Christmas tree with many memories hanging from it. If these ornaments could talk, they'd have some fabulous adventures and stories to share.

We have ornaments from the Canadian Rockies, Bali, Thailand, Hopi-land, Hawaii (naturally!), France, England, Spain, Portugal, and more. We have dolphins with Christmas hats....mermaids, angels galore....teddybears...elves...faeries...stars....turtles...and football figurines. Many of these items are hand-crafted.

How about you? Do you have a themed tree or an eclectic ornament collection as we do?

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Thursday, December 20, 2007


Thursday Thirteen

I haven't played Thursday Thirteen in awhile because I was slowed down with pneumonia for about three months, but now that my energy has returned (mostly!), I am ready to play along again!

My Thursday Thirteen today is: 13 Reasons Why I'm Overjoyed To Be On Maui During the Christmas Holiday:

1. The weather is perfect: sweater weather at night, and bikini weather during the day!

2. The Humpback Whales have returned as they do every year about this time! Yeh! Who doesn't love the Humpback Whales?

3. Since I live on Maui, it's good to be HOME for the holidays!

4. This is the season when the tourists return in droves, and all the island business's flourish!

5. The island is Emerald Green & Lush because of the recent rain storms and so beautiful to behold!

6. I get to see friends at Christmas parties whom I only run into once a year at these parties. Maui can at the same time be a very big island and also a very small one. Some people I run into all the time, and others I see only once a year at Christmas.

7. My large teddy bear collection come out of the boxes as part of my Christmas decoration, and I get to hang-out with my old teddy bear friends.

8. Our poinsettia bushes are in bloom again.

9. The gifts I've been buying all year long for others finally get wrapped up and moved on! My closets are now a whole lot less cluttered!

10. The Christmas holidays on Maui are a hoot because all the resorts, businesses and homes have a decorated Christmas tree, even though Maui is tropical!

11. For some odd reason, everyone wants to come visit Maui during this season and thinks about us a lot. I wonder why! Could it be the warm, cobalt blue ocean, the whales, the perfect weather? What?! :Smile:

12. I like it when Maui is busy and full of people dashing here and there.

13. Did I mention the weather????

To find out more about Thursday Thirteen, click here.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Catching Up To Christmas

Christmas always comes too fast for me. But this year, the Christmas Season came WAY too fast. Having been slowed down by illness in Autumn which put me behind the 8-ball, I'm doing my best with playing Catch-up To Christmas!

What does this mean for me?

I'm a traditionalist, and I STILL mail out Christmas cards! Fewer people are sending cards in the mail, but I am sticking with this tradition as I love to both receive and send snail-mail cards. I feel a sense of relief when I've mailed out the last Christmas cards, so relief hasn't set-in yet because in my purse are the last remains of foreign Christmas cards.... which now most likely won't arrive until 2008! Oh well!

I've got a stack of freshly wrapped Christmas gifts which now require the artistry of bows. This stack of gifts is sitting on a table awaiting their turn with my limited time.

Emails, blogs, and returned phone calls are backed-up awaiting my attention. If you're like me, you receive LOTS of emails, and during these holy daze, sometimes it takes me weeks to reply to everyone. And since at last count I had over 15 blogs--- can imagine!

Exercise? What's that?

Parties? As many as I can squeeze in!

I finally managed to get my tree decorated yesterday with my daughter. Wh00t!

How about you? Are you also playing Catching Up To Christmas?

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Christmas Cheer

Having recently experienced the discomfort of a power outage that lasted for three days during the Big Maui Super Storm, my heart goes out for those in the Midwest who are without power and freezing their bippies off in their homes while waiting for their electricity to be restored. At least, we Maui folk were warm while we waited for the power to be restored! The photos I've seen on the net of the bad weather conditions in the Midwest are terrifying!

I read today that this icy storm is now heading for the Northeast just in time for Christmas. Click here for the MSNBC story "Northeast braces for double winter whammy". Ouch!

So when I get my Christmas Grinch going-on as sometimes I do during this season, I remind myself of the misery so many others are currently experiencing, and this speedily chases my Grinch away!

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Monday, December 10, 2007


At The Movies

We saw two movies over the weekend, and we liked them BOTH which is a rarity for us as we are hard to please when it comes to the movies, especially my partner who is known to talk loudly to the movie screen if he's unhappy with the movie! Who knew my picky partner would go crazy for the movie "Enchanted"!? When I saw the preview for this movie, my vibe was that the movie was made for kids and teenagers, but now I know it was made for the inner child in all of us. Maybe that's why it's been Number One at the box office this season?

My daughter and I dragged my partner to this movie, and he was sure this movie would bore him. I think he liked it better than my daughter and me combined! He likes movies with happy, certain (and not subtle) endings with everything tied up with a pretty bow, and Enchanted had this kind of ending in spades. I suppose in these years of profound transformation and uncertainty, a movie like Enchanted fills a great need for many.

I was more drawn to the second movie "The Golden Compass". We heard about the controversy surrounding this film indicating that it was an "anti-religious" film, but I didn't perceive this agenda at all in the movie! If anything, the movie was more Orwellian.

"The Golden Compass" movie was adapted from the first book of a trilogy, "His Dark Materials" by British author Philip Pullman. Indeed, there was a "darkish" hue to this movie as compared to Disney's "Enchanted". And there was a whole lot more substance too. With Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, and 13-year-old Dakota Blue Richards who plays the daring young heroine, the central cast is riveting. There's lots of special effects too--hence the reported $180 million dollar price tag. My favorite was the loyal warrior bear.... my inner child is alive and well too!

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Saturday, December 08, 2007


Did I Really Wish For Rain?

As the saying goes, "Be careful what you wish for". In my Dec. 2nd posting, I wished for rain, and has Maui ever had the rain--way more than what I had wished for!

There's been flash floods, endless rain, power outages (for three days in some areas), trees toppling over, road closures, traffic chaos, and revenue lost for many companies! According to some, it has been the worst weather disaster to hit Maui County for fifty years.

Maui is just now finally recovering, or so I thought until I got a phone call. The news is that there are more power outages in some parts of Maui, and as I look out my window, the rain is beginning again! I'm posting now just in case the electricity goes out here again.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


The Gift Giving Mystery

Every year the stress happens: what to give others for Christmas? This is no easy task for many, and certainly not for me! I deliberate long and hard on what gifts to buy for others in my life, and even after the package is wrapped and the bow is placed on top, I'm still wondering if I made the right decision!

Will they like the gift? Do they need it? Is it the right size, style or color? Is it too boring? Too outrageous? And so the doubts rattle around in my head during the Season of Joy, and no doubt for many others as well!

Worse still is when others ask me what I would like for Christmas, and all I can think of is very expensive items or charitable donations to charities I favor--something obviously not in the budget for most I know! And then I ponder again...what can I suggest as a gift idea that is affordable for them? More stress!

If you've read this blog for very long, you know how I feel about STUFF! As I've matured, I've realized how much happier I am with a more minimal decorating style and less stuff. My closets are leaner. My cabinets and drawers aren't cluttered. I like to pass on books from my large library to those that'll enjoy them, and I don't want them returned to me!

Thus, it was fun for me to take the test yesterday at All I Want to discover what the Imagini folks think I would like for Christmas. Maybe they'd have a clue! They came up with all kind of gift suggestions in many different price ranges. It's a fun test, and maybe it'll give you some ideas of your own.

Here's their summation after I took the test:

"You're a total traditionalist when it comes to the holiday season. You love everything from eggnog to carol-singing, you throw yourself into it all 110%�.. Woe betide any scrooges who get in your way! When it comes to holidays, you like to be pampered. Zero exertion, maximum relaxation is the name of the game. Deep down, you have a wild untamed spirit. You appreciate any opportunity to run free, especially if there are horses involved."

They got it right, especially about the horses! So (wink,wink) if you're shopping for me a Christmas gift, think something to do with riding horses!

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Sunday, December 02, 2007


Let It Rain Some More

Even though I feel (somewhat) badly for tourists with a short time to spend on Maui, I'm thrilled we're finally getting rain on Maui again today! Bring on MORE rain! The Maui landscape looks so much more beautiful once it's been blessed and greened by the rain. And Heaven Knows, the island certainly could USE the rain!

Rain puts me into a philosophical mood and also takes away my guilt of not being outside. When it's sunny and beautiful on Maui, it's extremely challenging to be indoors. Today is the perfect day to curl up with a good book, eat hot soup, and attend to indoor matters with zero guilt. Yeh!

Yesterday we made a trip to Baby Beach in Spreckelsville, and the beach was packed with happy families enjoying the sun and the warm, turquoise water. This beach is nicknamed Baby Beach because it's protected by two reefs, and so the shallow water is perfect for babies. It's at the far end of Baldwin Beach, and even though there aren't facilities like showers, lifeguards or bathrooms, people flock here anyway. I think the photos speak for themselves as to why--just look at the color of blue water here!

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