Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Tis The Season of Catalogs

Right before Thanksgiving, it began--the catalogs in the mailbox. And now our mailbox is nearly full every day with catalogs I've never heard of such as Wolferman's and Garnet Hill to name a few. Most of them offer a 10% savings if I "order now" or apply for their credit card.

It's really quite amazing how much STUFF there is to buy. I marvel at all the creativity and marketing and WORK that has been put into these catalogs full of stuff so that it can find it's way into my mailbox to check-out and possibly purchase. Personally, I don't need more stuff, but it's nice to have money to buy other people stuff. However, with the economy being what it is, most people I know would rather have money as a gift more than stuff. Same goes for me.

The national news of so many homes being foreclosed on with many former homeowners being forced out of their homes breaks my heart. What did they do with all their stuff I wonder? Is their stuff stuffed into a storage unit somewhere or a relative's extra bedroom?

With the recent news that a federal judge in Ohio ruling against a longstanding foreclosure practice which will potentially create an obstacle for lenders trying to reclaim properties from borrowers and will thus raise questions about the legal standing of investors in mortgage securities pools, I'm heartened. Something has to be done about throwing people out of their homes! Hats off to the Ohio judge to pave the way for justice.

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I'm sort of an anomaly among men, I think. I love reading catalogues, at least some of them. I especially like the ones that have gag gifts, jokes, etc.

I once wrote a catalogue, for a stationery supply company. I wrote about that on my blog a while back. It's really the only time - outside of the small change I've made blogging - that I was really paid for writing.
I hear your point. I do admit I like looking at catalogs and all the sometimes worthless material items...you just have to have!
On another hand, hearing about all the foreclosures, homelessness, and or just people living pay check to paycheck or living off credit cards who hold jobs.... makes me think what is all this stuff doing? Do we really need it? The getting back to basics (food and shelter) is what I want to see for all, first !
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