Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Thanksgiving Comes First

My friend and fellow blogger, Suldog, posted a passionate plea about the rush into Christmas and neglecting the holiday of Thanksgiving. He feels we should take time to honor Thanksgiving and not rush into the Christmas consumer mania. I'm supporting him on this subject. And here's why:

Thanksgiving represents a time for us to give gratitude and count our blessings. It's a joyous season of the celebration of the bounty we've been given. I feel we should honor this important holiday and not fall into the frenzy of the Christmas rush-rush-rush. It's way more important to express our gratitude than to shop!!!

Please take the time to read Suldog's post. He makes some excellent points. Just click on Suldog above, and you'll be taken to his blog.

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Thank you very much for supporting the cause! It's folks like you who give me hope that we can keep some sanity in this world.
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Sweden at all. Though I thnk it's important to keep old traditions generally :-)
The problem of thanksgiving we don't have anyway but it's already hard for me to think about Christmas in this heat and sunshine !
Oh I agree, it's the forgotten holiday that we can't afford to forget.
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