Saturday, November 17, 2007


Saturday Is Crazy In My Neighborhood

It seems that every other home in my neighborhood hosts a DIY toolkit kind of guy. And on Saturday morning, I awake to buzzing sounds, drilling sounds, whirring sounds and sounds of all kinds. By 7:30 AM the local gardener (who takes care of three homes in our neighborhood) adds to the din when he shows up with his crew and lawnmowers and weed whackers. And to top off this racket, the gardener likes to whistle as he mows with his headphones on. Loud!

Forget about sleeping-in! Saturday is the day to depart from my neighborhood.

Unfortunately, this Saturday I'm waiting for others to show-up here and meet me, and this schedule doesn't allow me to leave as who knows exactly when they'll arrive. Thank God for headphones! Instead of my iPod, I'm listening to a local station, 93.5.

This radio station features a mix of Reggae and Hawaiian called Island Sounds. The song I'm listening to now is called "Spread A Little Aloha All Around The World".

What a concept! Yes, we need to spread ALOHA all over the world!

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Music can be a good kind of noise, better than the weed whacker. Talking about noise and music, you should check out this band from the 80's called, "The Art of Noise", and see how this obscure band can make even a weed whacker sound cool!
Yah, but what a neighborhood to sleep in!

I'd take any crazy Saturday in your neighborhood...are you kidding me?

Did you see my pictures of Maui? Of course not...why would freaking live there...

Lucky you!
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