Sunday, November 18, 2007


Pre-Thanksgiving Preparations

Yesterday was a day of shopping for Thanksgiving food. First, we went to Costco on a Saturday which anyone in their right mind doesn't do, but this was the only day we had to shop as a couple. We each got separate carts and had our shopping lists which theoretically would speed up our shopping trip. The idea was to get in and out of Costco Hell asap!

Bumper carts was the order of the day in Costco. Shopping aisles were clogged. I wish these carts came with little horns to alert people daydreaming in the middle of the aisles! Trying to navigate around the people and carts was a nightmare.

We asked the clerk checking us out how she dealt with the madness, and she replied she was used to the chaos. She had transferred here (to Maui) from Tuscon, Arizona, and she said that so many people wanted to get into the Costco there that sometimes the managers had to close the doors to keep the people OUT! Maui was mild in comparison she said. Imagine!

Next came a trip to Longs Drugstore which wasn't nearly as bad as Costco, but still buzzing with activity. And last on our agenda was a trip to Safeway to secure the remaining items for our holiday festivities. And once again, chaos ruled! It was that kind of day beginning with the noise in the neighborhood coupled with chaotic crowds!

By the time we returned home with our supplies, I was exhausted. As I was supposed to be home resting from my recent viral pneumonia episode, today I'm paying the price. My body is telling me to sloooooow it down.

I'm so very grateful to be alive and present to give thanks with my beloveds on Thanksgiving even if I had to endure shopping!

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Happy Thanksgiving, Kuanyin! I sympathize on the shopping - we avoided it as much as possible as we just ordered the whole dinner pre-cooked from Whole Foods. It was great!
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