Thursday, November 08, 2007


My Visit to Maui Memorial Hospital

As some of you know, I caught a 'bug' on my recent September trip to the Mainland, and try as hard as I did through many modalities (including medical), I couldn't shake it. Finally, my condition worsened....and I was given the orders to check into the Maui Memorial Hospital late one evening so that a procedure could be performed the following day.

Because my admission was late and because the new wing of Maui Memorial was completely full, I was admitted to the old wing of the hospital which surely dates far, far back in time judging by the peeling paint, rust, sagging blinds on the windows, and other scary details. Coupled with the fact that I was very ill, everything seemed totally surreal to me. I looked at my surroundings and all I could remember were scenes from bad horror movies. On top of this, it was raining outside while I stayed here as if to compound the gloomy vibe.

Fortunately for me the nursing staff attending to me was excellent as were the doctors. Nurses on Maui are few and totally underpaid. As far as I'm concerned, they're angels in human costumes. I asked one nurse why there was a shortage of nurses, and she said because there was a shortage of nursing instructors and that the average age of a nursing instructor is 58. What was the reason for this I inquired. She said the big pharma companies hire the instructors, and so it's very challenging for a nurse to get the training. Isn't there something wrong with this picture? I was shocked. We need our we ever! And they should be paid much more than they get paid. Like teachers, they are undervalued.

Why do we pay entertainers and athletes so much more than these much needed professions of nursing and teaching? Our country is out of whack! I support the ongoing writer's strike too! Enough of greed and inequity in this's time we make adjustments!

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Well, I do hope that they were enough to cure you properly :-)

I always think that the hospitals are totally neglected, there should be much more resources including salaries to all of them, because it is that important for the humanity. We have seen so much bad situations over here, it's a scandal for such a developed country as Sweden. The health care has decreased their quality over here, sadly enough. Let's hope it will change. It's a tremendous work they do and very admirable.
Did you get better?

There's not much more depressing than a depressing hospital (or scarier than a scary hospital.)
It's not just in your country they undervalue the right people. We hear every day in the Uk of entertainers and sports people (mostly soccer here) being paid (I won't say earning) obscene amounts of money. I actually don't think our nurses and teachers are paid badly, it's just when you compare with what a soccer manager or player can earn, it's totally insignificant.

Get well soon!
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