Friday, November 09, 2007


My Blonde Moment

So I'm sitting in the hospital corridor with who knows how many pain pills in me, and one angel nurse insists I wait before my hospital departure until she fetches a Voldyne Volumetric Exerciser for me for my home use. The Voldyne is a small instrument that helps one maintain and improve inspiratory volume and respiratory fitness.

As I recall in the blur of the moment, she told me I was supposed to breathe into it and make the little yellow cup go up. She said I needed to practice with the Voldyne a lot, and the exercise would assist me.

After returning home, I kept practicing and practicing, but nothing was happening--no yellow cup movement at all! I'm bummed. I demonstrated to my partner with the machine and concluded that I must REALLY be in a bad way!

He said, "Honey, you're supposed to suck in. Not blow out!"

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You're not alone. I made that mistake too when I was recovering from the birth of my daughter.
Well, as I was reading your post, I had the same mistake in my mind. I figured you were supposed to blow out, too. Great minds...
Sounds like something I could have done too, nowadays my brain isn't just with me.....

I've never heard anyone getting this kind of help tools with them home. Sounds real great I think.
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