Monday, November 12, 2007


The Maui Family

Many of you no doubt have heard of the expression "Six Degrees of Separation" taken from the movie of the same name and counting the close ways in which we are connected to others. If you live on Maui, it's more like THREE or TWO degrees of separation! If you live here long enough, the close connections are rather mind-blowing, and I'm going to share a recent page from this theme with you, a personal story. I will be using initials as I always do in my posts to protect the identities of others. However, if you're a member of the Maui Family, you may well be able to follow along and know of whom I'm writing. Perhaps you're also connected by two or three degrees?

Here goes:

Our beloved old friend S. has moved back to Maui for maybe the tenth time in his life. He's having his goods shipped back as well as his car, and he began the search for a rental in South Maui. He's having dinner with my partner, B., and my daughter, G. this past Wednesday, and he's sharing with us the cottage he found which he hoped he would be the one selected by the owner as her new tenant.

As S. is describing this cottage, my daughter suddenly realized she knew the home and cottage and the owner! She described the place to S. as she had visited the home of the owner many times. The cottage sits on the same property as the main home. It turned out that the owner, M., raised her fiancee, J., for much of his youth. So J. considers this woman as his hanai mother. She called M. that evening to put a good word in for S. as many people wanted to rent this charming cottage.

And all turned out well. S. was selected to rent the cottage, and he'll move in tomorrow.

Sunday my partner, S., and I were having brunch at the Sea Watch Restaurant, and as Maui Magic would have it, two tables away from us M. and her girlfriend were also having lunch. So she came over to say aloha, and my partner and I were introduced to her, a lovely woman. My partner gabbed with her, and they realized how many friends and connections we all had in common, not to mention that M. was excited to meet the mother of G. about whom she raved.

Of course, as the mother of G., I'm always delighted to hear someone rave on about my daughter! :Smile:

When M. was leaving, she introduced us to her friend who is moving away from Maui to Florida. M. said she was sad to see her go as they were best friends and like sisters. After they left, I remarked to S. that I know the feeling well of seeing all your best friends move away as I've experienced this a lot, and one of my few remaining close friends, K., had moved away just several months earlier, and I had mourned the loss of yet another friend moving away.

When I came home, I had one message on my answering machine. It was from K. calling me long distance. I shared my Two Degrees of Maui Separation story with her when I called her back. It seems that she too knows M. and her former husband! And later that evening, I recalled when my neighbor, T. had taken me to a home (maybe eight years ago) to show me the property of a woman he knew who had permacultured her property which he thought was fabulous. And it dawned on me that I too had already been on this piece of land!

And so it goes on Maui. My sense is that soul groups reincarnate again and again and again, and we just keep meeting up in different disguises to re-enact another drama with one another and to grow ever closer in our connections.

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Hi Kuanyin :)

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I think that's really nice. With connections. Coming from a big city (for Sweden) I find it not enough personal over here. I love the countryside or islands mentality :-)

We experience island life every summer at Faro, the islands outside Swedens east coast. OK, there are downsides sometimes too, but I see them with humor most of the times.
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