Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Helio is Astonishing!

Tonight one more celebrity dancer will be voted off the show Dancing With The Stars, one of our favorite shows on television. Who is it going to be? No one knows for sure because since the public votes on the dancers, popularity figures into the equation--not just dancing skill!

Our favorite is Helio Castroneves, and we just marvel at the way he's transformed himself into a professional- looking dancer from a race car driver. The rest of the celebrity dancers have a background in performing on stage, but not Helio. Therefore, it's all the more astonishing to watch him perform.

Brazilian born Helio is made for the dancing stage, and the way he dances reminds us of a dancer from another era with his combination of charisma, elfish good looks, and graceful moves. Last night his foxtrot and cha-cha were perfection itself earning him two scores of 30 each from the judges, the highest you can receive from them!

He's my choice to win, but there's always the chance that Marie with her huge fan following could win because of popularity alone.

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8-) The two of them do rock, don't they.

Good to see you're posting here regularly.

Hoping you're feeling better...and that it was a great turkey day.
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