Thursday, November 15, 2007


Give And Ye Shall Receive!

It is said that if you unconditionally give from the heart you will receive back tenfold what you have given. I have experienced this is indeed true. Here are some reflections about this subject:

I am a 'weeder' which means I'm constantly going through stuff in our home determining if it's useful or just sitting there taking up space and could well find another happier home. I always feel good when I de-clutter!

Just this past week, we gave away two chairs and a beautiful wooden easel to others who could better use them. Now I know very well that I didn't give these items away just to get more STUFF back, but simply because these items were NEEDED by others more than us.

However, here's the rub. It's as inevitable as the sun rising in the morning that we will now beginning receiving other stuff/items in return. This always happens! As soon as we give, a vacuum is created which allows more stuff to come in to fill this empty space. It's simply amazing to watch this law of the universe in action.

Thus, no matter how much stuff we give to Salvation Army, Big Brothers & Sisters, friends, and family, etc., we are always being given LOTS more stuff from others. And when the flow of stuff returns, I usually chuckle at what God/Spirit has returned to us.

God/Spirit certainly has a great sense of humor.

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