Sunday, November 25, 2007


The Flu Bug Came A-Calling

First, the flu bug picked on me, the weakest one in our family because my immune system has been compromised by my recent bout of viral pneumonia and pleurisy. Then it went for my partner. The flu bug has made house calls on many of our strongest friends on Maui. And it seems to whip everybody's a**! This bug is STRONG!

This is the second day for my partner, and he's already asleep in bed even though it's early afternoon here. This flu bug appears to be a three-day bug. The first symptoms are chills and muscle aches all over your body. Even my scalp hurt! Then the fever starts and the sweating-- which is a good thing because it shows your body is fighting off the infection.

We have been using every home remedy I can remember to fight the good fight. My partner swears by the gargling of Hawaiian sea salt and then swallowing a bit of it. Another one of our tried-and-true remedies is putting Vicks on the soles of our feet then putting socks over the goop--this stops the coughing.

We also say "Thank You" a lot here for the help each one gives the other. Gratitude is a miraculous thing.

Our friend is bringing us over lemongrass soup in a little while--brave soul that he is. This is HIS flu-remedy.

Do you have a great flu-cure remedy?

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