Thursday, November 29, 2007


To Be Loved

It's a tradition in our family to give Thanksgiving cards. Writing within these cards are our heartfelt words of gratitude. Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone, I'd like to share this Thanksgiving message from my daughter because the message is so very precious!


As the years pass, the more my heart loves you. I find it sometimes difficult to write out how much I truly love you, as words...well... are just words. My love for you goes beyond words. It's a feeling of total love.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this Thanksgiving esp. I am so happy, joyful, and excited to be able to spend another Thanksgiving w/my best friend, mother, and guardian angel!

You mean the world to me, and I'm so glad your health is returning! To me, that is my Thanksgiving blessing! Having you healthy and around me to spend more fun times with!

You are what I am most thankful for.

Happy Day Of Gratitude

Love Always......(her name)

What more could a Mother want? I am truly blessed to share this earth walk with such a beautiful soul. She gives me every reason to stick around.

As I'm recovering, I often find it a strain to post on all my blogs every day. So if you're a Maui fan and would like to see "more" Maui, check out my other two Maui-themed blogs:

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Tis The Season of Catalogs

Right before Thanksgiving, it began--the catalogs in the mailbox. And now our mailbox is nearly full every day with catalogs I've never heard of such as Wolferman's and Garnet Hill to name a few. Most of them offer a 10% savings if I "order now" or apply for their credit card.

It's really quite amazing how much STUFF there is to buy. I marvel at all the creativity and marketing and WORK that has been put into these catalogs full of stuff so that it can find it's way into my mailbox to check-out and possibly purchase. Personally, I don't need more stuff, but it's nice to have money to buy other people stuff. However, with the economy being what it is, most people I know would rather have money as a gift more than stuff. Same goes for me.

The national news of so many homes being foreclosed on with many former homeowners being forced out of their homes breaks my heart. What did they do with all their stuff I wonder? Is their stuff stuffed into a storage unit somewhere or a relative's extra bedroom?

With the recent news that a federal judge in Ohio ruling against a longstanding foreclosure practice which will potentially create an obstacle for lenders trying to reclaim properties from borrowers and will thus raise questions about the legal standing of investors in mortgage securities pools, I'm heartened. Something has to be done about throwing people out of their homes! Hats off to the Ohio judge to pave the way for justice.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007


The Flu Bug Came A-Calling

First, the flu bug picked on me, the weakest one in our family because my immune system has been compromised by my recent bout of viral pneumonia and pleurisy. Then it went for my partner. The flu bug has made house calls on many of our strongest friends on Maui. And it seems to whip everybody's a**! This bug is STRONG!

This is the second day for my partner, and he's already asleep in bed even though it's early afternoon here. This flu bug appears to be a three-day bug. The first symptoms are chills and muscle aches all over your body. Even my scalp hurt! Then the fever starts and the sweating-- which is a good thing because it shows your body is fighting off the infection.

We have been using every home remedy I can remember to fight the good fight. My partner swears by the gargling of Hawaiian sea salt and then swallowing a bit of it. Another one of our tried-and-true remedies is putting Vicks on the soles of our feet then putting socks over the goop--this stops the coughing.

We also say "Thank You" a lot here for the help each one gives the other. Gratitude is a miraculous thing.

Our friend is bringing us over lemongrass soup in a little while--brave soul that he is. This is HIS flu-remedy.

Do you have a great flu-cure remedy?

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Helio is Astonishing!

Tonight one more celebrity dancer will be voted off the show Dancing With The Stars, one of our favorite shows on television. Who is it going to be? No one knows for sure because since the public votes on the dancers, popularity figures into the equation--not just dancing skill!

Our favorite is Helio Castroneves, and we just marvel at the way he's transformed himself into a professional- looking dancer from a race car driver. The rest of the celebrity dancers have a background in performing on stage, but not Helio. Therefore, it's all the more astonishing to watch him perform.

Brazilian born Helio is made for the dancing stage, and the way he dances reminds us of a dancer from another era with his combination of charisma, elfish good looks, and graceful moves. Last night his foxtrot and cha-cha were perfection itself earning him two scores of 30 each from the judges, the highest you can receive from them!

He's my choice to win, but there's always the chance that Marie with her huge fan following could win because of popularity alone.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007


Pre-Thanksgiving Preparations

Yesterday was a day of shopping for Thanksgiving food. First, we went to Costco on a Saturday which anyone in their right mind doesn't do, but this was the only day we had to shop as a couple. We each got separate carts and had our shopping lists which theoretically would speed up our shopping trip. The idea was to get in and out of Costco Hell asap!

Bumper carts was the order of the day in Costco. Shopping aisles were clogged. I wish these carts came with little horns to alert people daydreaming in the middle of the aisles! Trying to navigate around the people and carts was a nightmare.

We asked the clerk checking us out how she dealt with the madness, and she replied she was used to the chaos. She had transferred here (to Maui) from Tuscon, Arizona, and she said that so many people wanted to get into the Costco there that sometimes the managers had to close the doors to keep the people OUT! Maui was mild in comparison she said. Imagine!

Next came a trip to Longs Drugstore which wasn't nearly as bad as Costco, but still buzzing with activity. And last on our agenda was a trip to Safeway to secure the remaining items for our holiday festivities. And once again, chaos ruled! It was that kind of day beginning with the noise in the neighborhood coupled with chaotic crowds!

By the time we returned home with our supplies, I was exhausted. As I was supposed to be home resting from my recent viral pneumonia episode, today I'm paying the price. My body is telling me to sloooooow it down.

I'm so very grateful to be alive and present to give thanks with my beloveds on Thanksgiving even if I had to endure shopping!

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Saturday, November 17, 2007


Saturday Is Crazy In My Neighborhood

It seems that every other home in my neighborhood hosts a DIY toolkit kind of guy. And on Saturday morning, I awake to buzzing sounds, drilling sounds, whirring sounds and sounds of all kinds. By 7:30 AM the local gardener (who takes care of three homes in our neighborhood) adds to the din when he shows up with his crew and lawnmowers and weed whackers. And to top off this racket, the gardener likes to whistle as he mows with his headphones on. Loud!

Forget about sleeping-in! Saturday is the day to depart from my neighborhood.

Unfortunately, this Saturday I'm waiting for others to show-up here and meet me, and this schedule doesn't allow me to leave as who knows exactly when they'll arrive. Thank God for headphones! Instead of my iPod, I'm listening to a local station, 93.5.

This radio station features a mix of Reggae and Hawaiian called Island Sounds. The song I'm listening to now is called "Spread A Little Aloha All Around The World".

What a concept! Yes, we need to spread ALOHA all over the world!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007


Give And Ye Shall Receive!

It is said that if you unconditionally give from the heart you will receive back tenfold what you have given. I have experienced this is indeed true. Here are some reflections about this subject:

I am a 'weeder' which means I'm constantly going through stuff in our home determining if it's useful or just sitting there taking up space and could well find another happier home. I always feel good when I de-clutter!

Just this past week, we gave away two chairs and a beautiful wooden easel to others who could better use them. Now I know very well that I didn't give these items away just to get more STUFF back, but simply because these items were NEEDED by others more than us.

However, here's the rub. It's as inevitable as the sun rising in the morning that we will now beginning receiving other stuff/items in return. This always happens! As soon as we give, a vacuum is created which allows more stuff to come in to fill this empty space. It's simply amazing to watch this law of the universe in action.

Thus, no matter how much stuff we give to Salvation Army, Big Brothers & Sisters, friends, and family, etc., we are always being given LOTS more stuff from others. And when the flow of stuff returns, I usually chuckle at what God/Spirit has returned to us.

God/Spirit certainly has a great sense of humor.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Thanksgiving Comes First

My friend and fellow blogger, Suldog, posted a passionate plea about the rush into Christmas and neglecting the holiday of Thanksgiving. He feels we should take time to honor Thanksgiving and not rush into the Christmas consumer mania. I'm supporting him on this subject. And here's why:

Thanksgiving represents a time for us to give gratitude and count our blessings. It's a joyous season of the celebration of the bounty we've been given. I feel we should honor this important holiday and not fall into the frenzy of the Christmas rush-rush-rush. It's way more important to express our gratitude than to shop!!!

Please take the time to read Suldog's post. He makes some excellent points. Just click on Suldog above, and you'll be taken to his blog.

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Monday, November 12, 2007


The Maui Family

Many of you no doubt have heard of the expression "Six Degrees of Separation" taken from the movie of the same name and counting the close ways in which we are connected to others. If you live on Maui, it's more like THREE or TWO degrees of separation! If you live here long enough, the close connections are rather mind-blowing, and I'm going to share a recent page from this theme with you, a personal story. I will be using initials as I always do in my posts to protect the identities of others. However, if you're a member of the Maui Family, you may well be able to follow along and know of whom I'm writing. Perhaps you're also connected by two or three degrees?

Here goes:

Our beloved old friend S. has moved back to Maui for maybe the tenth time in his life. He's having his goods shipped back as well as his car, and he began the search for a rental in South Maui. He's having dinner with my partner, B., and my daughter, G. this past Wednesday, and he's sharing with us the cottage he found which he hoped he would be the one selected by the owner as her new tenant.

As S. is describing this cottage, my daughter suddenly realized she knew the home and cottage and the owner! She described the place to S. as she had visited the home of the owner many times. The cottage sits on the same property as the main home. It turned out that the owner, M., raised her fiancee, J., for much of his youth. So J. considers this woman as his hanai mother. She called M. that evening to put a good word in for S. as many people wanted to rent this charming cottage.

And all turned out well. S. was selected to rent the cottage, and he'll move in tomorrow.

Sunday my partner, S., and I were having brunch at the Sea Watch Restaurant, and as Maui Magic would have it, two tables away from us M. and her girlfriend were also having lunch. So she came over to say aloha, and my partner and I were introduced to her, a lovely woman. My partner gabbed with her, and they realized how many friends and connections we all had in common, not to mention that M. was excited to meet the mother of G. about whom she raved.

Of course, as the mother of G., I'm always delighted to hear someone rave on about my daughter! :Smile:

When M. was leaving, she introduced us to her friend who is moving away from Maui to Florida. M. said she was sad to see her go as they were best friends and like sisters. After they left, I remarked to S. that I know the feeling well of seeing all your best friends move away as I've experienced this a lot, and one of my few remaining close friends, K., had moved away just several months earlier, and I had mourned the loss of yet another friend moving away.

When I came home, I had one message on my answering machine. It was from K. calling me long distance. I shared my Two Degrees of Maui Separation story with her when I called her back. It seems that she too knows M. and her former husband! And later that evening, I recalled when my neighbor, T. had taken me to a home (maybe eight years ago) to show me the property of a woman he knew who had permacultured her property which he thought was fabulous. And it dawned on me that I too had already been on this piece of land!

And so it goes on Maui. My sense is that soul groups reincarnate again and again and again, and we just keep meeting up in different disguises to re-enact another drama with one another and to grow ever closer in our connections.

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Friday, November 09, 2007


My Blonde Moment

So I'm sitting in the hospital corridor with who knows how many pain pills in me, and one angel nurse insists I wait before my hospital departure until she fetches a Voldyne Volumetric Exerciser for me for my home use. The Voldyne is a small instrument that helps one maintain and improve inspiratory volume and respiratory fitness.

As I recall in the blur of the moment, she told me I was supposed to breathe into it and make the little yellow cup go up. She said I needed to practice with the Voldyne a lot, and the exercise would assist me.

After returning home, I kept practicing and practicing, but nothing was happening--no yellow cup movement at all! I'm bummed. I demonstrated to my partner with the machine and concluded that I must REALLY be in a bad way!

He said, "Honey, you're supposed to suck in. Not blow out!"

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Thursday, November 08, 2007


My Visit to Maui Memorial Hospital

As some of you know, I caught a 'bug' on my recent September trip to the Mainland, and try as hard as I did through many modalities (including medical), I couldn't shake it. Finally, my condition worsened....and I was given the orders to check into the Maui Memorial Hospital late one evening so that a procedure could be performed the following day.

Because my admission was late and because the new wing of Maui Memorial was completely full, I was admitted to the old wing of the hospital which surely dates far, far back in time judging by the peeling paint, rust, sagging blinds on the windows, and other scary details. Coupled with the fact that I was very ill, everything seemed totally surreal to me. I looked at my surroundings and all I could remember were scenes from bad horror movies. On top of this, it was raining outside while I stayed here as if to compound the gloomy vibe.

Fortunately for me the nursing staff attending to me was excellent as were the doctors. Nurses on Maui are few and totally underpaid. As far as I'm concerned, they're angels in human costumes. I asked one nurse why there was a shortage of nurses, and she said because there was a shortage of nursing instructors and that the average age of a nursing instructor is 58. What was the reason for this I inquired. She said the big pharma companies hire the instructors, and so it's very challenging for a nurse to get the training. Isn't there something wrong with this picture? I was shocked. We need our we ever! And they should be paid much more than they get paid. Like teachers, they are undervalued.

Why do we pay entertainers and athletes so much more than these much needed professions of nursing and teaching? Our country is out of whack! I support the ongoing writer's strike too! Enough of greed and inequity in this's time we make adjustments!

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