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Reflections on Maui

It's been quite amusing for me to read the recent posts of another blogger's experience of Maui from her recent visit here. She's been seduced by Maui! I've witnessed that seduction before! Oh yeh--it's happened to me and to many others who eventually made Maui their home.

I've had many an opportunity to view Maui through the eyes of visitors since I've lived here for quite a while. Some visitors are attracted to the glamorous resorts, trendy shops and restaurants--some are drawn to the ocean and ocean sports--some are called to the mountains and hiking remote areas, and camping--some are blown-away by the fabulous galleries and multi-talented artists of all kinds creating and performing here--some have received the notice: You're Now HOME!

This "Coming-Home" Theme I've heard countless times. Each person recounts their story about hearing the 'call' to move to Maui in their own inimitable style, but the theme is the same.

Here are some of my thoughts about Maui:

First, Maui is a school. I call it M.U., Maui University. You're called to Maui to learn life lessons. Once you've mastered these lessons, Mama Maui graduates you so you can share your lessons with others elsewhere. Some of us long-timers are like tenured professors, and our job is to 'hold the energies' until others can do our jobs, and we can then retire.

I've seen many friends graduate from Maui. Having been a gate-keeper for many who've passed through the hallowed halls of M.U., I've watched these Bright Lights take their well-earned wisdom to share with the world. Quite a few of them went on to illustrious careers and great success after graduating M.U.

Second, if you're going to live on Maui, you'll need to learn the words 'share', 'patience', and 'integrity' to get the most positive experience from your stint on Maui. Until Heaven officially moves to Earth, there isn't a PERFECT paradise, even though Maui initially appears to qualify.

Maui's got problems and challenges too, just like most other places in the world. And if you're going to make your stay here easier on yourself, learn to share and learn patience because Maui isn't perfect. No amount of activism is going to make change happen THAT much faster. Maui has it's own pace. On Maui, we call it 'Maui-time'. Note: Maui's a small island in many ways, and lack of integrity will catch up with you quite quickly here.

Third, just like the bumper sticker on many a Maui cruiser reads, "Slow down. This ain't the Mainland." Enjoy the slower rhythm of the Islands. After all, this is one of the reasons you moved here.

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I still haven't made it to Maui after twelve years in Hawaii. I know I'll like it. You've made it sound much like my own Waianae Coast, where life moves at a different pace than the rest of the world and even the rest of Oahu. Yeah, gotta make it to Maui one day where the aloha has a different flavor. :0)

Visiting for the Carnival of Aloha and happy indeed to find you there!
I'm also visiting from the Carnival of Aloha. I had the same experience when visiting Kaua'i... I heard a voice that said "Thank you for coming home". I heard it when I saw Sleeping Giant for the first time. Mahalo for sharing M.U.
Our family was blessed to have the opportunity to live on Maui from Sept 2000 to Jun of 2004.

I had that "Welcome Home" experience. At the risk of sounding out there... it came as an inner voice shortly after it we got confirmation that we would be moving to Maui.

And indeed the moment I stepped off the plane I knew I had come home. During our first weeks, there were many times I'd start to wonder if I gotten us lost and suddenly we'd turn the corner and there was the place we were looking for. This happened with such uncanny regularity that our children starting telling everyone that I must have lived on Maui in another lifetime.

We hope to return someday to live. We do so miss the magic that is Maui.
Thank you for sharing the MU mindset. I am moving to Maui next month and you've already set the tone for me to have an attitude that works and consequently a great experience. Mahalo.
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