Monday, October 08, 2007


Predict and Pray

Tonight is ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" nite on tv, a show I love to watch! And I just laid my first bet down...err-- prediction on a fabulous new site I discovered called Predictify.

Predictify allows you to predict the outcome of all kinds of events, and you can get paid if you're right when you opt for the Premium program. I haven't gone far enough yet to consider this option as I merely registered and made my first babystep prediction that Helio Castroneves would win the Dancing With The Stars contest. After voting/predicting, I could see that Helio is the hands-down favorite to win.

Speaking of predicting and winning, my BLOG CONTEST which I began in the Dog Days of August has had 20 entrants thus far, and the count-down is on for the contest ending date of October 10th. Someone will be the winner of the prize I offered as bait to subscribe to my blog--a prize of a $50 Amazon gift card! So if anyone still wants to get in on the action at the last moment (as two have recently done!), click HERE.

Also, join Predictify and FRIEND me, ok? The site is free, and we could have fun making predictions! And should we get good enough, we might even make money. I say 'might' because I'll wait and see how things actually play-out. I know for sure SOMEONE will win the promised $50 Amazon gift card with me because I'm the one running the contest. :Smile:

Hoping ya'll had a great weekend. The weather has turned cooler on Maui and is just about perfect (except for this morning's cane burn!), and I'm so much happier when we don't need to turn on the a/c. Soon the whales and snowbirds will be returning--yipee!

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