Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Maui Style

Even though Maui doesn't have the same amount of alternative health doctors as say-- Boulder, Colorado--we still have our fair share. But on Maui many of the best ones never advertise, and the only way to become a client of theirs is through an introduction. Most of them work out of their homes, and they have more than enough clients to keep them busy, and they don't want any more.

Lucky for me, I've been introduced to several of these healers through the years, and I can call upon them when I'm in great need of their services. This past Sunday, when I was in excruciating pain, I called one early on Sunday morning, and by mid-morning, he had re-arranged his schedule to fit me in. Needless to say, I was sooooo happy to be sitting on his table and receiving his administrations of pain-relief.

You would never guess this guy was a doctor to look at him. He looks more like a mature surfer by his dress and demeanor. He gets up in the early mornings and paddles with his outrigger crew, then practices tai-chi, walks the dog, works on a couple of big holistic health projects via phone and email, and then sees clients staggered through the day. He never-ever rushes, and he's the doctor who's often called to treat visiting celebrities who are experiencing health issues. He's laid-back, humble, and easy going. He keeps his own schedule.

The old cliche, "You can't read the book by the cover" applies to a lot of people on Maui for they dress 'down', not 'up'. One story related to me by my golfer-partner was this: Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson were nearly thrown off a Maui golf course because of their funky attire, but once they were recognized, they were allowed to keep on playing. This may be a rumor or an urban myth, but somehow it feels true.

The easiest way to spot a tourist is by what they're wearing. For women, this would be too much make-up and jewelry, high-heeled shoes (during the daytime), any clothing worn too tight, and hair that looks as if it was styled. For men, it would be a newly purchased Aloha shirt (you can tell!), shirts tucked into their pants or shorts, socks with their shoes (they haven't graduated to flip-flops yet), and shorts with creases in them. In brief, their clothing doesn't have that 'worn' look, that casual, aloha-style. Some of the richest and most powerful people I know who live here dress so casual, you wouldn't guess it by their appearance.

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What sort of alternative medicine does he practice? If I might ask, would you tell me what you were being treated for and how effective the treatment was? I ask because MY WIFE is troubled by vicious migraines every so often, and I'd like to be able to point her in the direction of a decent treatment outside of the normal heavy pain meds.
Suldog...he practices all kinds of alternative medicines: cranial sacral, homeopathic, naturopathic, cellular rejunvenation techniques, flower-essences, chiropractic, and more! I'll check with him to see what he suggests about migraines.

I've had a COMBINATION of maladies! I guess I got whammied on my recent vacation! And serious, painful headaches have also figured in to my health issues, although thankfully they weren't migraines which I understand are sooooo painful. I saw him again last night for the second time, and we're working down through the layers...this time I'm working on my bronchitis.
Thanks, Kuanyin. I hope you feel much better very soon.
Sounds wonderful to have such a contact. I'll remember that introduction part if I ever move there, then you have to introduce me.... *giggles*

Pssst. Don't forget to put up Your Oddly Ghost Post tomorrow, Tuesday, for the cyber cruise Halloween celebrations - or just enjoy others :-D
Ah, cranial sacral ... so good ...

Definitely hard to tell the rich folks from the not-so-rich sometimes. Short of following them home, perhaps.
I am a believer in alternative medicine. I had an experience of this fact and am going the alternative path since Western medicine was making me ill! I am sure I am not the only one either.
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