Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Lahaina Halloween

Every year about this time I eagerly put together a new costume for the Lahaina Front Street Halloween party. I've been showing-up at this street party where costumed revelers march up and down the main street of Lahaina for as long as I've lived on Maui-- which is a LONG time!

Through the years, I've paraded down Front Street wearing most of my fantasies, and I've always enjoyed gawking at the other amazing costumes, dancing in the street to various musicians, having a drink or two, and participating in the revelry with my partner and sometimes a group of friends. Lahaina Halloween night has always been one of my favorite celebrations on Maui.

However, this year I won't be attending.

I'm just not up to it. The past month has been a battle between a virus and me. Three times I won a battle with it and put it down, but in the last two weeks and for the fourth go-around this vicious virus has been on a winning streak, and has it ever throttled me! Today's the first day I even feel half-good enough to post.

I'm not the only one hurting though. Even though I'm still not in a speaking-mode because every other word of mine is punctuated with a hacking cough, the coconut wireless brings me the island news. And what I'm hearing is that people who've never had migraines before are suddenly experiencing migraines. For example, my daughter attended a three-day conference at the Wailea Marriot last week, and she related to me how many people confided to her about their migraines. Of course, she was suffering from another one too.

What is going on I wonder? Is it something in the air? Why are so many people getting bad headaches on Maui?

Suldog left a comment recently on this blog, and so I asked my holistic doctor what he knew about the cause of the migraines so I could pass the news onto Suldog. My doctor said "dehydration" is the main culprit. And what I understand about dehydration is that even if you drink a lot of waters or liquids, a person can STILL be dehydrated. I've seen a tool for hydration called Stirwands. They are supposed to help hydrate one. If these really work as good as they claim they do, then they may soon become the item in everyone's pocket. Click here for the link which explains Stirwands.

Another product I was recently introduced to in this virusy-germy world we live in and which seems to me to be a great product is Skin Wear.

I'm not affiliated with either of these companies, but I've been made SUPER aware of through the news and my own personal suffering how important it is to take care of ourselves.

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Thanks for the further info, Kuanyin!

There's a contest up at my place, so you might like to head on over. It concerns the World Series, so entry time is limited.
Sorry to read about your health condition,I hope you recover quickly.
As for the migraines, I have also heard of a lot more people complaining about them all of a sudden? Halloween on Front Street, well it can be fun, but crowds are no fun when you feel ill. Stay home and get better. What is really scary is sickness. And I do not want you to have a ghoulish Halloween.
I am a long time sufferer of migraines too. Dehydration can certainly contribute to a migraine but hydration isn't always the solution. If your method of hydration is to drink water, you might be getting your electrolytes out of whack. A little gatorade or something similar will help. Another method is to take a B vitamin. I have some prenatal vitamins on hand from my last pregnancy and taking one of those during a migraine usually brings relief within about half an hour.
Hi Kuanyin, just catching up on my blog reading! Sorry to hear you've been sick. I hope you are well on the road to recovery.

I get horrible headaches if I am in caffeine withdrawal - do you drink coffee? If so, and if you haven't been drinking it while you've been sick, that can give you a wicked headache.

Am wondering, has there been more burning of the sugar cane than usual? My father-in-law has allergies and when he is on Maui and they're burning the cane a lot, he does get all stuffed up and gets a sinus headache. Just a thought.
Actually, it would be better if products like Skin Care or whatever it is called were banned. Many of the coughs and sneezes, gut trouble and other minor ailments is due in large part to the over sanitisation of life. This especially impacts on over protected kids whose Moms and dads are always insisting they wash their hands or not "get dirty". The body doesn't "learn" to build up a natural immunity ... a bit of a rant but it is Friday.
Hi, just found your blog as I was searching for other Mauians in the blogosphere. Oh, man...I miss Front Street every single Halloween!
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