Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween!

I've searched through ALL my photos from my many Halloween's on Maui, and would you believe this is the scariest one I could locate to contribute to Captain Lifecruiser's Cyber Halloween party?!

Since our family never attends horror movies or watch frightening thrillers on tv, rarely do I focus my camera on the scary, macabre, and/or horrific. My partner and I are both like this. We avert our eyes in movies with unexpected bloodshed or violence--we're a lightweight family! That's how we roll!

However, if scary things are your cup of tea, check out the delightfully ghoulish party at Lifecruisers!

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What a gorgeous dress! And what a fun photo!
Not scary enough, lol ! As nobody celbrates Halloween in Europe except in the UK and Ireland (where it comes from) I had to celebrate virtually on my blog ! I was flabbergasted when I looked for Halloween stuff on Internet and found all these horror things ! I couldn't believe it !And to conclude my day I just watched a CSI serie where they showed a lot of bloody meat, stomacs, brains etc ! I tell you I better go to bed now and watch my peaceful cats !
Well, I think that will do as scary enough, even though I think you look gorgeous in that dress!

Normally, we aren't much into the horror movies either, but maybe that's why I think it's fun at this cyber Halloween event - the only time in my life I get to be scary. At least that I know of! *giggles*

It's like this quote:
“On Halloween, the parents sent their kids out looking like me.
(Rodney Dangerfield)

Or maybe I'm going backwards, back to my youth again? *giggles*

Ah, it's all about having some fun!

Pssst. Thanks for being such a good sport and putting up a costume photo anyway.

Let's party!!!!
Ooooh, I love the photo - PERFECT!


Happy Halloween!
Uhhhh...Lifecruiser.....the photo isn't of ME but some total strangers! Mahalo for the compliment anyway!
Geez, EVERYBODY is having a better Halloween than me. Every blog I visit, there are good stories and swell costumes. I had another crummy one, mostly. Oh, well.

The sad details are at my place, but why bum yourself out?

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