Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Blog Contest Winner!

Today is the Big Day--the day I announce the winner of my blog contest "I'll Remember You".

The winner is Deborah, and this is her memory of Elvis:

"I remember the flared pants with inserts at the sides, haha! Had some of my own too. The wider the flare with added insert the cooler you were.

Sorry, that's the first thing I remembered after recalling how beautiful his voice was :-)

I've added you to my Google reader as well :-)

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Well done Deborah but well deserved.
Makes a change for me to be first to comment on something but I am ussing a new application here to track my social network messages - will blog about it once I have played with it a bit more :-)
Congratulations Deborah
Congratulations Deborah :-)


Blog warming party Friday 12th of Otober.

Every one is welcome to see my new look..... if they dare....

*ghost giggles*
I was still rather unborn when Elvis died. Though I did have a girlfriend who was obsessed with his music. And my favorite restaurant has a 1 pound burger they call the Elvis Burger.
I think I missed here something, especially when Elvis is concerned, lol ! I always go to your "Cat" blog ! I have been in Graceland some 15 years ago and was a little disappointed about it. I always loved Elvis' songs but not so much the person.
BTW today I take the Cyber Cruise to the home of my friends in Italy which dates from 1462 ! So if you are interested to have a look ...
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