Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Balance and Blogging

I'm FINALLY beginning to regain my strength after what seems like an interminably long period. However, as one who likes to be very active and always on the move, this healing time/slowing down has been very challenging for me. I now see how been many blessings have accompanied my recent illness. My priorities have changed. For instance, I once felt it very important to update this blog on a daily basis, and if I missed updating my blog in the morning, I made sure (even if I was dog-tired and it was late at night) to make a post. Now keeping this blog updated daily has moved way down on my list of priorities.

And I feel this is all for the good!

A blog is a blog is a blog. The importance I placed upon this blog (and my other blogs) has dramatically shifted. I've enjoyed getting to know other bloggers and reading their posts and becoming part of a wonderful international blogging community. I've made new friendships, and I've learned a lot about REAL people and what is important to them. Blogging has definitely been a huge PLUS in my life. Yet...the time I've spent on the computer has taken me away from other pursuits which also nourish me, and so I've re-evaluated how to bring more balance into my life and allot time for all my wants and needs. I've made changes.

Certainly there are never a lack of newsworthy items to post about: the Dalai Lama receiving the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor from the United States in the Capitol Rotunda was awesome...the mind-boggling Comet 17P/Holmes doubling it's radius on Oct. 25 and now able to be viewed through binoculars even though it's 151 millions miles from our Earth is mysterious...the tragedy of the California wildfires is heartbreaking...yesterday's shark attack of a California male in front of the Four Seasons Resort here on Maui (he lived!) whetted my curiosity of why so many sharks are coming so close to shore. Yes, there's always some exciting news to comment upon.

I really don't know at this point the pacing of the postings for this blog. Certainly there have been fallow times where I posted very little, and then time periods where I posted a lot. But one thing is for sure: I've invested a lot of time, energy, love and commitment to this blog, and even if my recent haphazard posting may make some wonder if this blog will continue, I assure you it will. My intention is to continue expressing myself for many, many more years-- even should I move away from Maui.

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