Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween!

I've searched through ALL my photos from my many Halloween's on Maui, and would you believe this is the scariest one I could locate to contribute to Captain Lifecruiser's Cyber Halloween party?!

Since our family never attends horror movies or watch frightening thrillers on tv, rarely do I focus my camera on the scary, macabre, and/or horrific. My partner and I are both like this. We avert our eyes in movies with unexpected bloodshed or violence--we're a lightweight family! That's how we roll!

However, if scary things are your cup of tea, check out the delightfully ghoulish party at Lifecruisers!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Balance and Blogging

I'm FINALLY beginning to regain my strength after what seems like an interminably long period. However, as one who likes to be very active and always on the move, this healing time/slowing down has been very challenging for me. I now see how been many blessings have accompanied my recent illness. My priorities have changed. For instance, I once felt it very important to update this blog on a daily basis, and if I missed updating my blog in the morning, I made sure (even if I was dog-tired and it was late at night) to make a post. Now keeping this blog updated daily has moved way down on my list of priorities.

And I feel this is all for the good!

A blog is a blog is a blog. The importance I placed upon this blog (and my other blogs) has dramatically shifted. I've enjoyed getting to know other bloggers and reading their posts and becoming part of a wonderful international blogging community. I've made new friendships, and I've learned a lot about REAL people and what is important to them. Blogging has definitely been a huge PLUS in my life. Yet...the time I've spent on the computer has taken me away from other pursuits which also nourish me, and so I've re-evaluated how to bring more balance into my life and allot time for all my wants and needs. I've made changes.

Certainly there are never a lack of newsworthy items to post about: the Dalai Lama receiving the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor from the United States in the Capitol Rotunda was awesome...the mind-boggling Comet 17P/Holmes doubling it's radius on Oct. 25 and now able to be viewed through binoculars even though it's 151 millions miles from our Earth is mysterious...the tragedy of the California wildfires is heartbreaking...yesterday's shark attack of a California male in front of the Four Seasons Resort here on Maui (he lived!) whetted my curiosity of why so many sharks are coming so close to shore. Yes, there's always some exciting news to comment upon.

I really don't know at this point the pacing of the postings for this blog. Certainly there have been fallow times where I posted very little, and then time periods where I posted a lot. But one thing is for sure: I've invested a lot of time, energy, love and commitment to this blog, and even if my recent haphazard posting may make some wonder if this blog will continue, I assure you it will. My intention is to continue expressing myself for many, many more years-- even should I move away from Maui.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Lahaina Halloween

Every year about this time I eagerly put together a new costume for the Lahaina Front Street Halloween party. I've been showing-up at this street party where costumed revelers march up and down the main street of Lahaina for as long as I've lived on Maui-- which is a LONG time!

Through the years, I've paraded down Front Street wearing most of my fantasies, and I've always enjoyed gawking at the other amazing costumes, dancing in the street to various musicians, having a drink or two, and participating in the revelry with my partner and sometimes a group of friends. Lahaina Halloween night has always been one of my favorite celebrations on Maui.

However, this year I won't be attending.

I'm just not up to it. The past month has been a battle between a virus and me. Three times I won a battle with it and put it down, but in the last two weeks and for the fourth go-around this vicious virus has been on a winning streak, and has it ever throttled me! Today's the first day I even feel half-good enough to post.

I'm not the only one hurting though. Even though I'm still not in a speaking-mode because every other word of mine is punctuated with a hacking cough, the coconut wireless brings me the island news. And what I'm hearing is that people who've never had migraines before are suddenly experiencing migraines. For example, my daughter attended a three-day conference at the Wailea Marriot last week, and she related to me how many people confided to her about their migraines. Of course, she was suffering from another one too.

What is going on I wonder? Is it something in the air? Why are so many people getting bad headaches on Maui?

Suldog left a comment recently on this blog, and so I asked my holistic doctor what he knew about the cause of the migraines so I could pass the news onto Suldog. My doctor said "dehydration" is the main culprit. And what I understand about dehydration is that even if you drink a lot of waters or liquids, a person can STILL be dehydrated. I've seen a tool for hydration called Stirwands. They are supposed to help hydrate one. If these really work as good as they claim they do, then they may soon become the item in everyone's pocket. Click here for the link which explains Stirwands.

Another product I was recently introduced to in this virusy-germy world we live in and which seems to me to be a great product is Skin Wear.

I'm not affiliated with either of these companies, but I've been made SUPER aware of through the news and my own personal suffering how important it is to take care of ourselves.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Maui Style

Even though Maui doesn't have the same amount of alternative health doctors as say-- Boulder, Colorado--we still have our fair share. But on Maui many of the best ones never advertise, and the only way to become a client of theirs is through an introduction. Most of them work out of their homes, and they have more than enough clients to keep them busy, and they don't want any more.

Lucky for me, I've been introduced to several of these healers through the years, and I can call upon them when I'm in great need of their services. This past Sunday, when I was in excruciating pain, I called one early on Sunday morning, and by mid-morning, he had re-arranged his schedule to fit me in. Needless to say, I was sooooo happy to be sitting on his table and receiving his administrations of pain-relief.

You would never guess this guy was a doctor to look at him. He looks more like a mature surfer by his dress and demeanor. He gets up in the early mornings and paddles with his outrigger crew, then practices tai-chi, walks the dog, works on a couple of big holistic health projects via phone and email, and then sees clients staggered through the day. He never-ever rushes, and he's the doctor who's often called to treat visiting celebrities who are experiencing health issues. He's laid-back, humble, and easy going. He keeps his own schedule.

The old cliche, "You can't read the book by the cover" applies to a lot of people on Maui for they dress 'down', not 'up'. One story related to me by my golfer-partner was this: Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson were nearly thrown off a Maui golf course because of their funky attire, but once they were recognized, they were allowed to keep on playing. This may be a rumor or an urban myth, but somehow it feels true.

The easiest way to spot a tourist is by what they're wearing. For women, this would be too much make-up and jewelry, high-heeled shoes (during the daytime), any clothing worn too tight, and hair that looks as if it was styled. For men, it would be a newly purchased Aloha shirt (you can tell!), shirts tucked into their pants or shorts, socks with their shoes (they haven't graduated to flip-flops yet), and shorts with creases in them. In brief, their clothing doesn't have that 'worn' look, that casual, aloha-style. Some of the richest and most powerful people I know who live here dress so casual, you wouldn't guess it by their appearance.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Through The Gate

I guess for all some rain must fall, and in my case, I've had some health issues lately which have kept me from blogging as much as I'd like. Everything I've experienced in this regard as been an initiation and is leading to irrevocable change. I'm going through a gate, and there's no turning back.

While on my healing path, I've mostly stayed off the internet. However, today I'm feeling a bit better and found an hilarious video to share with you. I've needed humor to pick my spirits up during this time. Enjoy!

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Sunday, October 14, 2007


Recent Maui News!

I'll catch ya up on the latest Maui news:

1. Bike tours down Haleakala have been given the order to stop by the National Park Service's Superintendent Marilyn Parris--a stand-down for 60 days--after the death last month in the park. Safety issues will be evaluated during this time. The downhill bike industry is huge on Maui and employs many people. What is going to happen after this time period? Will bike tours become a thing of the past?

2. The Superferry can't operate until an Environmental Assessment is done according to 2nd Circuit Judge Joseph Cardoza in his ruling last Tuesday. So for now, the Superferry won't be coming to Maui. Yeh! I'm not on the side of the Superferry for many reasons which I won't go into here.

3. Maui is ONCE AGAIN considered the "Best Island in the World in the 2007 Conde Nast Travelers magazine readers poll. Maui's been rated the "Best Pacific Island" for 17 years since polling began, but last year lost out to the Maldives. Not only did Maui win in the Best Island Category but also triumphed with the winning score of the BEST of all the world's destinations! Pretty amazing, eh?

And just think, we live here!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Blog Contest Winner!

Today is the Big Day--the day I announce the winner of my blog contest "I'll Remember You".

The winner is Deborah, and this is her memory of Elvis:

"I remember the flared pants with inserts at the sides, haha! Had some of my own too. The wider the flare with added insert the cooler you were.

Sorry, that's the first thing I remembered after recalling how beautiful his voice was :-)

I've added you to my Google reader as well :-)

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Local Style

I saw a t-shirt on an Hawaiian man today that read:

Grown Here
Not Flown Here

The many implications have haunted me all day long.

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Monday, October 08, 2007


Predict and Pray

Tonight is ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" nite on tv, a show I love to watch! And I just laid my first bet down...err-- prediction on a fabulous new site I discovered called Predictify.

Predictify allows you to predict the outcome of all kinds of events, and you can get paid if you're right when you opt for the Premium program. I haven't gone far enough yet to consider this option as I merely registered and made my first babystep prediction that Helio Castroneves would win the Dancing With The Stars contest. After voting/predicting, I could see that Helio is the hands-down favorite to win.

Speaking of predicting and winning, my BLOG CONTEST which I began in the Dog Days of August has had 20 entrants thus far, and the count-down is on for the contest ending date of October 10th. Someone will be the winner of the prize I offered as bait to subscribe to my blog--a prize of a $50 Amazon gift card! So if anyone still wants to get in on the action at the last moment (as two have recently done!), click HERE.

Also, join Predictify and FRIEND me, ok? The site is free, and we could have fun making predictions! And should we get good enough, we might even make money. I say 'might' because I'll wait and see how things actually play-out. I know for sure SOMEONE will win the promised $50 Amazon gift card with me because I'm the one running the contest. :Smile:

Hoping ya'll had a great weekend. The weather has turned cooler on Maui and is just about perfect (except for this morning's cane burn!), and I'm so much happier when we don't need to turn on the a/c. Soon the whales and snowbirds will be returning--yipee!

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Reflections on Maui

It's been quite amusing for me to read the recent posts of another blogger's experience of Maui from her recent visit here. She's been seduced by Maui! I've witnessed that seduction before! Oh yeh--it's happened to me and to many others who eventually made Maui their home.

I've had many an opportunity to view Maui through the eyes of visitors since I've lived here for quite a while. Some visitors are attracted to the glamorous resorts, trendy shops and restaurants--some are drawn to the ocean and ocean sports--some are called to the mountains and hiking remote areas, and camping--some are blown-away by the fabulous galleries and multi-talented artists of all kinds creating and performing here--some have received the notice: You're Now HOME!

This "Coming-Home" Theme I've heard countless times. Each person recounts their story about hearing the 'call' to move to Maui in their own inimitable style, but the theme is the same.

Here are some of my thoughts about Maui:

First, Maui is a school. I call it M.U., Maui University. You're called to Maui to learn life lessons. Once you've mastered these lessons, Mama Maui graduates you so you can share your lessons with others elsewhere. Some of us long-timers are like tenured professors, and our job is to 'hold the energies' until others can do our jobs, and we can then retire.

I've seen many friends graduate from Maui. Having been a gate-keeper for many who've passed through the hallowed halls of M.U., I've watched these Bright Lights take their well-earned wisdom to share with the world. Quite a few of them went on to illustrious careers and great success after graduating M.U.

Second, if you're going to live on Maui, you'll need to learn the words 'share', 'patience', and 'integrity' to get the most positive experience from your stint on Maui. Until Heaven officially moves to Earth, there isn't a PERFECT paradise, even though Maui initially appears to qualify.

Maui's got problems and challenges too, just like most other places in the world. And if you're going to make your stay here easier on yourself, learn to share and learn patience because Maui isn't perfect. No amount of activism is going to make change happen THAT much faster. Maui has it's own pace. On Maui, we call it 'Maui-time'. Note: Maui's a small island in many ways, and lack of integrity will catch up with you quite quickly here.

Third, just like the bumper sticker on many a Maui cruiser reads, "Slow down. This ain't the Mainland." Enjoy the slower rhythm of the Islands. After all, this is one of the reasons you moved here.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


It Takes A Thief

This video slays me. It's been making the rounds on the net, but in case you missed it, check out Sam the Seagull stealing Doritos in Aberdeen, Scotland.

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